February 23, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Rise Of The New Humans” Disc One

The Doctor and Jo Grant investigate some odd deaths and run into a renegade Time Lord...and it isn't the Master.

I was really impressed with that Third Doctor adventure I got with that anniversary Big Finish Doctor Who set.  Not only did it get the feel for the time period and that era down right, but actor Tim Treloar sounded so much like Jon Pertwee, I might have thought it actually was the late actor if I didn’t know better.

So yes, I picked up a couple more.  I do love these Big Finish stories…

This time around, the Doctor and Jo Grant (Katy Manning!  Yay!) are doing autopsies.  It’s not the sort of thing the Doctor would normally do, but the corpse in question didn’t stay dead very long the first time before expiring again, and there are signs on both this man and a woman who died earlier of some unusual physical alterations.  The Doctor notes the man had some changes to his skin that suggested he was forming some sort of skin armor and maybe some wings.  He died after a suicide when he jumped off a high building.  The woman drowned, but she also showed signs of growing gills.

Both were patients at the same clinic, one whose brochures made vague promises to cure what ails ya without saying what specifically it works to cure.

Turns out they try to cure everything there, but I am getting ahead of myself.

I will add here that as much as I love hearing Katy Manning’s voice, she is the only original cast member of that era still around to do these, and I would be lying if I said she didn’t sound older.  I don’t know if that’s because she is older or because I know she’s older and I am just hearing things, but I did note it.

That said, one thing Big Finish can do that the old show couldn’t is set a scene in Bessie during a spot of rain.  Sure, sometimes they could do stuff inside the car, but in a rainstorm?  Nah!  Besides, it does mean Jo loses the map.

However, they do find the clinic while also finding an escaped patient…that glows in the dark.

Um, that sounds problematic.

So, taking the woman Harriet back to the clinic, the Doctor notes that there’s a lot of stuff there that is way ahead of its time.  Someone has been bringing stuff from throughout time and space to this place, and since the Doctor doesn’t do that sort of thing, it must be another Time Lord!

Like…the Master!

Wait, the Master doesn’t do that sort of thing.  He wants to conquer the universe, not use his time travel deeds to change history to his own liking.  That must be…the Meddling Monk!

Yeah, that guy.  I was pleasantly surprised too.  Same actor as from that Missy story too.

Anyhoo, the Monk has been bringing future tech to the 70s  (or whatever year this is supposed to be), and that’s not all.  There’s also one Dr. Kurdi, played by the same actress who played Rani’s goofy mother over on The Sarah Jane Adventures, but the guy playing the Monk has done some Doctor Who television stuff too.  What’s Kurdi’s whole deal?  Well, she wants to create a vaccine…for everything.  Every possible accident that could kill someone, she wants the human body to automatically protect itself against.  That Harriet woman, she was glowing because she needed light to see.  But the procedure isn’t quite working, so maybe the Doctor could perfect it?

He won’t, of course, and there are some interesting moments where Jo asks what the difference is when the Doctor saves lives and when the Monk does it.  Basically, it comes down to doing things that won’t alter the timeline for the worse.  Sure, the Doctor could just cure a number of diseases with treatments from the future, but that doesn’t mean he should.  Curing someone might prevent a loved one from finding the cure he or she was supposed to find.  So, interesting way to tell the difference.

Anyway, that Harriet woman escapes again, and the Doctor can’t stop her with, well, the Vulcan nerve pinch.  Sure, he calls it something else, but that was what it was.  And after Jo takes a blow to the head, Kurdi gives her some treatment…treatment that has a rare disease to force the Doctor to help Kurdi finish her work.

Oh, somehow I suspect blackmailing the Doctor will not end well for these boobs.