February 1, 2023

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YouTube Selection: The Take On Boomers

Baby Boomers had hopes for themselves when they were younger, but what happened? Well, maybe the same thing that always happens, at least in entertainment. The Take looks into it.

The phrase “OK, Boomer” has become ubiquitous as a way for younger generations, Millennials and the like, to dismiss the opinions of older folks.

I’m Gen X.  We just get ignored.  But The Take wanted to look at Boomers as they appear in pop culture, both their own and more recent fare.

To characterize the Boomers, a generation that experienced the postwar economic boom without having to live through the Great Depression or World War II, it is safe to say they had high hopes for themselves if the pop culture of their childhood is anything to go by.  But now, well, they may be a bit more demonized by their own children and grandchildren.  Is that even a new phenomena?  See below for details.

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