September 29, 2023

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Noteworthy Issues: Dark Knights Of Steel #4 (February, 2022)

Prince Bruce learns where he came from.

It probably would have been really easy to just make the regular DC heroes into Medieval Fantasy versions of their usual selves, but Dark Knights of Steel hasn’t done anything easy since the reveal Jor-El and Lara took the escape rocket and not just their infant son.

But what about the rest?

Issue:  Dark Knights of Steel #4, February 2022

Writer:  Tom Taylor

Artists:  Bengal, Yasmine Putri

The Plot:  Alfred Pennyworth relates the story of Bruce’s birth to the young Bat Prince.

Commentary:  So, how Bruce Wayne became a Kryptonian is something of a mystery.  Or it was.  This issue says where the young man came from, and it does fit with what went before.  That it also gives out an origin story for the Green Man was an unexpected bonus.  I had assumed it was just Hal Jordan or some other Green Lantern, and I was right…a little.  He’s not a heroic Lantern.  He’s basically a merger of a couple different characters.

I’ll hold off on saying who for now.

But as for the rest, it’s a bit of a soap opera, showing the Waynes and the Els were friends, with the Waynes being the rulers of a kingdom while the Els were lying low to avoid attention until their frequent warnings about an impending volcano eruption went ignored too long and the pair had to act to save the kingdom with their powers.  There was some betrayal, forgiveness, and eventually, death, leading to the Els taking the throne until young Prince Bruce was deemed old enough to hold it himself.

That…actually makes sense.  The Els don’t seem to be the type to just take over a kingdom, and there is a reason why Bruce might not be accepted by the people, but I strongly suspect this series is about Bruce’s growing into the role.

You know, if the war doesn’t take everyone out first, but that’s for next issue.  I assume.

But as an origin story, this one worked for the most part.  No real complaints, but I preferred the other issues in this series so far.

Grade:  B+