January 31, 2023

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Killing Eve “The Hungry Caterpillar”

Series Two, Episode Three

I spend a lot of these write-ups talking about the crazy antics VIllanelle gets up to.  It’s understandable.  There’s nothing wrong with the Eve plotlines in this curious show, one that always seems to be two different shows mishmashed together, but Villanelle is so over-the-top and nuts that it makes a certain amount of sense that I would focus these write-ups on that character.

But you know what?  Eve matters just as much.

See, the thing with Eve is she’s so, well, normal.  She has some marital problems with Niko as a result of her job, and even though she’s right that Villanelle followed them to, I guess, the Parents Night at Niko’s school…yeah, Niko is a math teacher.  Did I know that before?  I’m not sure.  But Eve’s inability to basically step away from her job is something of a problem.

OK, it is and it isn’t because Eve is absolutely right.  Villanelle is running around the school and acting crazy, to say nothing about calling the school up to complain about Niko for her own crazy reasons.

So, what does that mean for Eve?  She’s not really looking for Villanelle right now.  She’s shocked enough that Konstantin turned up alive at Carolyn’s house, and before the episode is over, he’ll be back with Villanelle.  Yeah, I guess they both forgave each other for the whole “Villanelle shot Konstantin” thing.  That hug might have been sweeter if Villanelle wasn’t holding a knife, and Eve tried really hard to flip Konstantin.  Carolyn might have been right:  they chose their side.

Carolyn, it should be noted, is able to make a withering complaint about how she has hobbies sound like a vague threat.  And I still don’t know what side she’s on.

Now, if I am Eve, how am I supposed to treat my life right now?  She knows Villanelle is following her, but she can’t quite bring herself to tell Niko.  Niko is getting a little upset over whatever it is that Eve is doing that he doesn’t really know about.  Sure, there are moments between the two that are sweet, but he basically thinks she can’t shut herself off from the job.

Considering she tried out a lipstick Villanelle left in her purse, and said lipstick had a blade in it…well, that probably defeats the purpose of Villanelle’s trying to take out a target the same way the Ghost does.  Then again, I did learn the Ghost doesn’t work for the Twelve.  Yet.  Besides, I got to see Villanelle put on another disguise and kill a guy by pulling his tie into an elevator door before it closed.  That sort of stuff makes me happy, especially as this is her idea of a stealth kill.

Still, Eve is generally one step behind Villanelle, and when she isn’t, it’s because Villanelle is hanging out in the next room.  Eve knows Villanelle is a psycho who loves attention.  She knows the killer is never far away.  And she may be the only one who knows it.

Besides, Villanelle seems to enjoy sneaking around Eve in a sense.

Huh, I had more to say about Villanelle than I thought.

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