January 31, 2023

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Doctor Who “Death And The Queen”

Donna may be marrying royalty, but the Doctor thinks something is up.

Wait, Donna is getting married?  Again?

Those never seem to work out.

So, the Doctor and Donna found themselves at the French Riviera, and that’s where Donna met Prince Rudolph.  He’s from the no-doubt tiny country of Goritania, a country so obscure even the Doctor has never heard of it.  Rudolph soon sweeps Donna off her feet and takes her back to his country to marry, making her Queen Donna.  The Doctor, eventually, manages to find the place, but there’s something strange going on.

Mostly that would be a weird cloud demanding what it’s owed, and the fact that the Goritania flag has some language written on it that, well, even the Doctor can’t translate, and he should be able to read any language.  Donna, meanwhile, has a mean ol’ soon-to-be mother-in-law, and she doesn’t seem to have the authority to do much of anything even if she is going to marry a king.

So, what’s up with the skeleton army outside?  And the Grim Reaper?

Could…Death itself be on its way to the wedding?

Well, yes and no.  All I will say is the Doctor is incredibly unimpressed by Rudolph, and for good reason.  I mean, he tried to shoot down the mystery cloud with a hail of arrows.  Plus, the army of, I dunno, a half dozen guys or so, they all die horribly fighting the skeletons.  Donna is coerced into marrying Rudolph, and she does care for the people of the kingdom, but the Doctor finds a maid named Hortense who asks good questions, provides good information, and is the sort of person the Doctor generally approves of.

Yes, Donna does ask the Doctor if he’s moved on from her already.  He has not, but Hortense is the sort who wouldn’t be a bad pick.

So, the twist:  Rudolph isn’t marrying Donna, though he claims to love her.  She’s marrying Death, the being who made a deal with Goritanian royalty for 500 years of peace.  Death just needs a soul.  But then the Doctor figures things out with a strong assist from Hortense.  I mean, it’s Doctor Who.  It’s aliens.  It’s always aliens.  These aliens are con artists who gave Gortiania a stealth field, hence the reason even the Doctor never heard of this place, but the flag had that writing that can ward the aliens off, and Donna defeated Death easily because she was wearing underwear made from the flag.  Some quick thinking between the Doctor and Donna means that no one has to give up their soul, though both the Doctor and Donna offered.  The Doctor is unimpressed by Rudolph and even less impressed by Rudolph’s mother, but the people deserve better and may even get to keep that stealth field.

Maybe someday, Donna can actually have a wedding where she isn’t being used as some sort of human sacrifice.

Wait, I already know she did…

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