February 1, 2023

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The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power “Adrift”

Season One, Episode Two

Alright, so here I am for episode two.  What is going to be happening for a show like this?  I mean, the eye candy that is every single location in Middle Earth can only carry me so long.

But it sure is carrying me along so far.

So, here’s the deal:  the Harfoots Nori Brandyfoot and Poppy Proudfellow have a mysterious fellow who fell from the sky and seems to be still alive.  Galadriel is trying to swim back to Middle Earth from the middle of the ocean, making me wonder if Elves can drown.  Bronwyn, her son Theo, and Arondir the Elf look into the abandoned village, and Bronwyn does something really badass.  And finally, Elrond goes to visit an old friend in the Dwarf kingdom with a proposition.

OK, the Dwarf kingdom?  It’s awesome.

I don’t really know much of what’s happening in some of these plotlines.  The series did have its first Orc pop up, and Bronwyn was able to use its head to prove to the rest of the village that they need to move somewhere else.  See, that is badass.

And sure, Nori probably found a wizard, but that’s for later.  Galadriel’s storyline is a bit of a thrill ride as she and a human named Halbrand dodge a sea monster as they sit on a makeshift raft.  But I don’t really want to just recount the plot.  There’s suspicion regarding what an Elf is doing out in the middle of the ocean for Halbrand’s raft-mates, but that sea monster seems to eat the rest of them, so they may not matter.  It’s exciting, but not interesting enough for me to write about.

But then there’s the Elrond plotline.  He’s been asked to help another Elf build something in a short amount of time, and while he knows Elves are capable, but when it comes to building, it’s good to ask the Dwarfs for help, and hey, he is personal friend with Prince Durin.

Too bad Durin is mad at him.  Yes, Elrond challenges Durin to a Dwarf contest of strength involving breaking rocks with hammers, but c’mon, there’s no way a Dwarf can lose something like that, but it does come up why Durin is mad:  Elrond skipped Durin’s wedding and the birth of his children.  In fact, Elrond hadn’t been around in something like 20 years.  Elrond knew that, but this is the part that fascinated me:  Elrond forgot how time works.  For an Elf, they live forever and twenty years isn’t a long time.  For a Dwarf?  That’s a whole different story.  Maybe that’s why Tolkien’s Elves and Dwarfs don’t get along.

As it is, Durin’s wife Disa gets her husband to loosen up and makes a good arbiter.  I get the impression it wasn’t that hard, but someone had to do it.  And man, I took one look at Disa and realized I knew why all those online Tolkien purists who might be complaining about this show might get upset:  she’s clean shaven!  I mean, any other reason might be racist.

And that wouldn’t be cool.

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