April 24, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “When Nelson Met Lisa”

In which Nelson and Lisa, as adults, can never quite make the love connection both of them really want.

What’s this?  A When Harry Met Sally parody episode?  Amazing how this show manages to stay relevant after all this time.

So, here it is:  an entire episode set in the future about Lisa and Nelson’s great romance that may or may not happen.  And yes, the episode does reference that time they dated as kids.  But this episode has them meeting up in the future.  Lisa is preparing her speech as her college class’s valedictorian, and Nelson has a job pushing large things off the football field.  The two get to talking and go back to Nelson’s place, a sleeping spot in a church belltower.  He just has to ring the bell every hour, on the hour.  The two talk all night, both reflecting how much they seem to like each other, and then Bart shows up because the Simpsons are taking Lisa out to breakfast.

Homer asks which former bully it was, the one in the hat or the one in the vest.  It’s the one in the vest.  Homer always liked him.  Marge is there.  Maggie isn’t.  And once Bart puts on a cloak of invisibility because it’s the future, that’s it for Marge and Bart for this episode.  Homer will keep popping up as the narrator, but he doesn’t know if that means he’s dead or not.

However, Lisa and Nelson do not start dating.  No, five years pass, and Lisa is married to Hubert Wong (guest star Simu Liu).  Is Hubert one of the kid characters on this show?  I don’t know which one he is if true.  He is the only one recast to a guest star if true.  Everyone else is still voiced by the same actor.  Maybe Nelson is right about how people don’t change after grade school (cue Ralph Wiggum stuck in something).  Regardless, Hubert and Lisa are taking a high speed train somewhere when Snake shows up to be apprehended by a pair of husband-and-wife bounty hunters, and yes, Nelson is the husband.  That’s much cooler than being a cop (cue a very overweight Chief Wiggum).  There’s some catching up to do.  Nelson, apparently, once apprehended Principal Skinner for mattresscide (cutting the tag off a mattress) and not matricide (killing, well…).

But since both are married, nothing much will come of it except Nelson’s giving Hubert a wedgie for mocking the former bully, and even Snake thinks that’s going too far.

Then the show flashes forward another five years.  Nelson got divorced over a fight with his ex-wife.  She went to a fight club without him.  Lisa and Hubert are separated.  Both Lisa and Nelson meet up at an Apple Store-like location owned by Hubert’s company.  Can they hit it off this time when they manage to do a mind meld?  And why is Milhouse in there?

Well, not yet.  Hubert wants Lisa back, and this is a guy who proposed marriage on the moon.  He can allow Lisa to do all the good in the world she wants, and Nelson reluctantly agrees with that.

But then a couple months later, it’s time for a wedding.  Homer reports that the bully in the hat (Jimbo) is set to marry his true love, Krusty’s daughter (Sophie, as voiced by guest star Natasha Lyonne).  Nelson is the best man.  Lisa is the maid of honor.  Both were asked at the same time while all four were in bed for the night.  Lisa is joined by Hubert.  Nelson gets a lick from a dog.  And it’s not his dog.  He needs to fix the screendoor or something.

So, will they finally get together at their best friends’ wedding?

Yes.  Yes, they will.

By the by, impressive feat by Krusty to get a hologram of his dead father Rabbi Krustofski to officiate, especially since guest star Jackie Mason died last year.  Were these new lines?  I don’t know.

Anyway, Lisa and Nelson are now a couple in the future, reminding me of Homer and Marge.  Milhouse lost the girl, but he got the churchbell job/apartment, so he doesn’t seem to mind.  And since that Grampa/Homer episode from last week caused some folks online to point out The Simpsons broke its own continuity and this episode looks to be doing the same thing, I will just add…what continuity?  This show makes stuff up more or less as it goes along every week.  Just relax or something.  Sheesh.