July 18, 2024

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Weekend Trek “Time’s Arrow Part 2”

Time traveling aliens and Mark Twain just make life difficult for the crew, but not too difficult.

Sometime after Jimmy and I finished the chat for this episode, the season six opener and the second part of what was probably the most underwhelming of season finale-season premier two parters, I learned that the writers weren’t really sure what to do with this episode and kind of just made a lot of stuff up as they went along.

That sort of makes sense.  Did Jimmy and I have a problem with that?  Does Jimmy have a problem with anything?  See our chat transcript below to find out.

“Time’s Arrow Part 2”

Time travel, missing android heads, alien snakes, and Mark Twain make things difficult for the crew.

jimmy:  So where did Picard and crew get their contemporary clothes, etc?

tomk:  Isn’t it obvious?  They robbed a morgue.

jimmy:  Dark.

tomk:  You’d rather they murdered people to get those outfits?  Geordi had a portable replicator?  Troi can sew things very quickly?  Picard carried everything in a suitcase?

jimmy:  I would assume they stole them, without the murder or cadavers.

tomk:  Cadavers complain the least.

jimmy:  Indeed. And what luck that they were able to steal a nurse’s uniform for the Doctor, which she used to get a job very easily.

tomk:  And a policeman’s uniform for Riker.

And dark glasses for Geordi.

jimmy:  Riker’s not really a cop, so that one wasn’t as quite on the nose.

tomk:  No, but he is the biggest.

jimmy:  And he can knock a guy out with a single…open palmed thrust.

tomk:  Riker is a large and powerful man.

jimmy:  With upmost respect for law enforcement.

tomk:  As long as they respect him and his giant hands first

jimmy:  He’s only 6’3”.  You could take him.

tomk:  Not with his beard for back-up.

jimmy:  True. That beard is hard to beat. Guess you better stick to running that horse and carriage and hope a Frenchman doesn’t come along and steal it.

tomk:  There sure is a lot of theft here.

jimmy:  Since they have no concept of money, they just see it as borrowing.

tomk:  That or get Mark Twain to pay for everything later.

jimmy:  Or that.

tomk:  That Mr. Clemens may be a curmudgeonly pain in the ass, but once he goes away, he will pick up the tab.

jimmy:  He owed it to them after making a mess of things in the first place.

tomk:  Guinan got hurt too.

jimmy:  We knew she’d be ok.

tomk:  Did she?  It’s not like a famous author whose death is on record disappeared otherwise.

jimmy:  He came back.

tomk:  I found it odd he had to volunteer to go back.

“We have to contact the captain, but there’s only room for one person to come back. Let’s send Riker and not the time lost 19th century celebrity writer.”

jimmy:  I see your point, but who would you trust to get the job done?

tomk:  Captain Jake. Evil Wesley. Batman. Santa Claus. Doctor Who. Bob the Builder. You.

jimmy:  See, Clemens isn’t even on the list.

tomk:  Unless he’s Santa.

jimmy:  There is a passing resemblance.

Anyway, it makes more sense than Picard being able to tap a message in binary code into Data’s memory.

tomk:  They teach binary code in elementary school in the future.

jimmy:  That makes sense. Just in case.

tomk:  You have a better explanation?

jimmy:  It was in the script?

tomk:  That seems like it’s both valid and a cop out.

jimmy:  Correct.

tomk:  You truly are an agreeable fellow.

jimmy:  I am. I also agreed with the time travel here. No paradoxes. Time is a closed loop. I liked the use of Data’s head. Though unsevered Data now has 500 years worth of spider’s in his cranium.

tomk:  Also, hopefully, nothing in there deteriorated over time.

jimmy:  I know Data’s well made and all, but yeah, after being in an explosion and then sitting in a cave for 500 years,  you’d think there’d be some degradation.

tomk:  I mean, I am sure my old phones still work. Computers are good forever.

jimmy:  Computers have parts that break down over time.

tomk:  Wait, they do?  Did someone tell Data that?

I can’t imagine shoving a piece of iron into his skull for half a millennium did anyone any good.

jimmy:  Data seemed good to go, so no harm done.

tomk:  Sure. For now.

jimmy:  I’m sure these events will come up again in a future episode.

tomk:  Oh, it’s only a matter of time.

jimmy:  Those clips reminded me how they reference Chief O’Brien in this one, though he never appears and Picard doesn’t give him a chance to speak.

tomk:  Picard can be one impatient mofo.

jimmy:  You can almost see him pushing O’Brien out of the way to talk to Riker first.

tomk:  O’Brien was next in line after Riker to go get Picard.

jimmy:  He probably would be the best fit to stay in the 19th century.

tomk:  It was mostly because he was closest to the transporter.

jimmy:  He’s just counting the days until his transfer to DS9.

tomk:  Coming soon!

jimmy:  You’d want a transfer too away from that attention hogging Picard.

tomk:  Right. He should go somewhere else and hope the commanding officer doesn’t turn out to be, I dunno, a religious icon to some alien culture.

jimmy:  Unlikely.

tomk:  Beats joining a crew that gets zapped to the other side of the galaxy and looking at a 77 or so year long return trip.

jimmy:  That would suck.

tomk:  I dunno. It might make for entertaining episodic television.

jimmy:  Someday.

tomk:  I would call it The New Adventures of Jimmy Impossible, starring the Moose, O’Brien, Cousin Minka, Ryan Gosling as Captain Jimmy, and, let’s say, Moe.

jimmy:  I’d watch.

tomk:  You’d probably be in the writers room.

jimmy:  I do spin a good yarn.

tomk:  It is about Captain Jimmy.

jimmy:  Anything else about the season six premiere?  Hard to believe we’re on season six.

tomk:  Needed more Worf.

jimmy:  True.  Though the MVP would have destroyed them all.

tomk:  Clemens took Worf’s appearance in stride considering the last time a time lost human from the past laid eyes on him back in season one.

jimmy:  And the blue guy, who he figured was a slave.

tomk:  There was probably a reason we didn’t see a blue guy. Maybe Clemens was right…

jimmy:  Clemens did see a blue guy, and then accused Troi of enslaving him.

tomk:  Right. But we didn’t see the blue guy. Was he wearing chains?

jimmy:  We saw him exit the turbo lift. Chain free I believe.

tomk:  Oh yeah. You win this round, Jimmy. You get some fresh blueberry muffins.

jimmy:  Also blue.

tomk:  Blue things are nice.

jimmy:  Like blue cars.

tomk:  Like that one over there you keep staring at?

jimmy:  Uh huh.

tomk:  Like the one that distracts you from noticing the crew doesn’t really try to help the aliens find an alternate food source and just blows their portal up so they will starve to death?

jimmy:  Picard did offer.

tomk:  He didn’t try very hard. The one just said they didn’t have an alternative and he just shrugged and said “oh well” or something.

jimmy:  He can’t do all the work.

tomk:  Yeah.  It’s not like he doesn’t have a ship full of brilliant people and technology to help.

jimmy:  To be fair, it’s more that ship full of brilliant people’s fault. Picard wasn’t even there, and almost got evaporated himself when they started firing.

tomk:  You’re right again. You get some more muffins.

jimmy:  Chocolate chip this time. Nice.

tomk:  You only get the best when you are right. Right, Judges?

jimmy:  Always a good day when you please the judges.

tomk:  So, the Enterprise saved the day, thanks to a rascally writer and time travel that no one objects to.

jimmy:  As opposed to a rascally writer and time travel everyone objects too.

tomk:  Well, at least Ryan.

jimmy:  Let’s not go down that rabbit hole.

tomk:  You’re right. Maybe we should go down another rabbit hole, say one that scares Reg Barclay.

Unless you have more to say about how time is a flat circle.

jimmy:  No, let’s check in on Reg.

tomk:  If you say so.

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