February 1, 2023

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Doctor Who “Ravagers: Food Fight”

The Doctor finally figures out what's going on and stops making things worse.

Well, that was nice.  My CD box set actually included a fourth disk made up of about an hour’s worth of interviews with the cast and crew, particularly Christopher Eccleston.  I generally get a kick out of those.

But now that Big Finish’s first Ninth Doctor adventure is over…will there be another one?  Oh, probably, and I am assuming this one was the first.  I could be wrong.

So, the Doctor has been trying to figure out how to save the universe.  Audrey’s VR games somehow keep the Ravagers at bay, but the Doctor broke things by crossing his own timeline.  Audrey realized the Ravagers were fed by sending them fear particles caused by people falling through time eddies and creating confusion and panic.  The Doctor realized that he could remove those particles with the drones Nova found, but nothing seemed to work.  Heck, it actually made everything worse.

All that wasn’t helped by the fact that the tech Audrey used to try to fix the problem was Time Lord technology she didn’t quite understand, and she had been seeing visions of the Doctor for years, though he didn’t always talk back and he rarely made much sense.

What can the Doctor do?  Nova had some ideas.  They don’t work.  He had some more ideas.  They aren’t working either.  Audrey’s plans seem to involve the near-slavery of large numbers of people, something she said she didn’t have time to fix (the Doctor believes there’s always time to be kind), but really…did anyone talk to the Ravagers?

Yeah, no one did.  The Doctor did figure out how.  Turned out the fear they ate was actually their own, and the Doctor could fix everything if he just reset things and did stuff in the right order.  The Ravagers aren’t evil.  They’re just hungry.  Audrey isn’t really evil either.  She did something drastic that maybe made things worse, but it wasn’t on purpose.  She was mostly just trying to fix a problem that she didn’t understand with more technology she didn’t understand.  Once the Doctor got everything done in chronological order, well, nothing really bad happened and the only one who remembers what happened at all is the Doctor himself.

That includes Nova, whose knowledge of time travel turned out to be because she was a sci-fi nerd who liked time travel stories and will clearly be the Doctor’s companion going forward.

But man, a story where there was a problem caused by people being scared instead of evil…that sure is a Doctor Who story if ever I heard one.  And I have.

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