March 24, 2023

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Doctor Who “Ravagers: Cataclysm”

The Doctor's efforts to save the universe may have accidentally doomed it.

Well, there may be a way out of all this mess, but the Doctor just went and made things worse without even trying.

So, to sum up, the Doctor picked up a new companion named Nova, but she got hit with a time eddy and disappeared.  Meanwhile, the CEO of the game company Audrey seems to have trapped the Doctor in the TARDIS near the mysterious Ravagers, beings that eat space time and might be out to destroy the universe.

Small problem:  the Doctor doesn’t believe they’re real things.  Audrey’s company does seem to specialize in virtual reality games.  Maybe the creatures aren’t real.

But hey, good news:  Nova isn’t dead.  She just got zapped to another time and place where these floating robots think humans and other organic beings should have their bad particles removed, an act that basically leaves them as mindless automatons that do whatever it is mindless organic automatons do.  Fortunately, the Doctor got a scan of her DNA on the sonic screwdriver and can save her easily, then go back and deal with Audrey with her own DNA.

Unfortunately, that time eddy sends the Doctor back to a time before he met Audrey, meaning he has accidentally crossed his own timeline and perhaps doomed the universe to never exist.


Oh, and those Ravagers may be real.  They may also be alive, and the Doctor would prefer to not kill them.

Maybe that means tracking down where and when Audrey built those “games,” and that means going to somewhere else in the TARDIS to a time when Audrey was younger and perhaps explaining how she knew who the Doctor and Nova were.

I’d be more concerned why Nova seems to know so much about time travel and the like.  Sure, she says it’s all because she has a good imagination and so forth, but it seems suspicious to me.  Probably to the Doctor too because he isn’t an idiot, but he opts not to say anything yet.

Whatever is going on, the Ravagers are real and threatening a younger Audrey’s home planet, and some ancient artifact, which the Doctor also has from the future in his pocket, may hold the key to taking the things out before they eat all of space time.  The Doctor advises against that, but that she tries it anyway.

Oh, it didn’t work.  The Ravagers ate the beam.

Hopefully Nova’s plan to use those particle-crazed robots can save the day because otherwise, well, Big Finish won’t be able to make more stories without a universe to set them in.

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