December 1, 2022

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Killing Eve “Nice And Neat”

Series Two, Episode Two

Once again, I get a cool episode that looks like it was split apart from two completely different shows, but I might have heard Jodie Comer’s actual accent this time around, so that’s something.

But if Villanelle is spending time with anyone, there will be a victim.

So, here’s a thought:  how much do Villanelle’s victims deserve what she does to them?  They’ve run a gamut so far.  The innocent artist who’s only crime was trying to date a psychotic is one thing.  The teenager in the hospital might have been a mercy killing even if it doesn’t look that way.  Most of her kills have been assigned targets or other killers.  The reason behind the assigned kills is still something of a mystery, and other killers are hardly anyone to feel bad for.  Bill, in the club, I am obviously supposed to care about as the episode got to know the guy, a father to a young child and a close friend and mentor to Eve.

So, what about this episode’s victim?

OK, before I dig too deeply into this guy, I’ll just cover my thoughts on the Eve plotline:  it is, as always, good television, and the way she deduces a second assassin, this one nicknamed “the Ghost” who is the exact opposite of Villanelle in every way possible, to the point where the episode shows this woman in action without showing her face.  I like that sort of thing.

But as much as I like Eve as a character, the Villanelle stuff is always something I find myself more interested in talking about.  VIllanelle has managed to get her way to England by stowing away in the boot of a family car, but she’s still injured and needing some medical attention.  To that end, she needs a sucker who will take pity on the injured young woman who can fake a British accent very well because the actress herself is English.  She even finds a guy.

A guy whose house has a lot of dolls all over, supposedly left behind by his mother that he suggests is dead.  The old woman isn’t.  She’s just suffering from bad dementia.

Now, it doesn’t take much to see the guy is, well, a “nice guy,” one of those men who believe because they are nice to women (after a fashion) that they deserve some sort of consideration.  Villanelle is trying to get the guy to go get her some medications for her stab wounds without telling him she’s got some stab wounds, but he’s a controlling figure who locks her in the house, supposedly so his mother doesn’t get away…

…actually, considering how this episode ends, that’s actually a valid concern…

…and gets really angry when he finds out she was using the phone.  OK, she was calling MI6 looking for Eve and even the Twelve looking for a ride, but the point stands.  This guy wants to be treated “right” when he’s not really giving her a reason to do so.  Villanelle may be a psychopath, but that doesn’t mean…wait, I can’t really finish that thought.  I don’t think any woman deserves to be treated as someone who owes a man a favor just because he’s “nice” to her in a particularly controlling way, but VIllanelle is responsible for a whole lot of murders so far, and she probably deserves something for her actions.  Just, you know, not that.

Likewise, I don’t necessarily think the man deserved to die a brutal death at the hands of a killer, even if she had to struggle more with this one than she probably had to.  Then again, she may have done it that way because she wanted to drag this one out.  It’s hard to say.  I just found myself wondering how much some people on this show deserves what they get, and how much my personal preconceptions about types of people colors my views of their fates on a show like this where I actively start to wonder if a man who hasn’t killed anyone deserves to die at a psycho’s hands.

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