December 1, 2022

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Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power “A Shadow Of The Past”

Season One, Episode One.

Amazon has been promising a Middle Earth-based Lord of the Rings for a while, but let’s put something out first:  any such show to hit the proper amount of scope to really capture the world of Tolkien’s Middle Earth would probably have to be hugely expensive to get it, if not right, then at least to look something like the famous Peter Jackson movies.

But if anyone has deep enough pockets for something like that, it would be Amazon.  I was gonna check this (and Wheel of Time) out eventually, so why not do it for one of my weekly coverage time slots?

I’ll say this much after one episode:  it sure does look like Jackson’s version of Middle-Earth, and it opens with a long explanation of what’s going on with Sauron and Galadriel.  As far as I know, Amazon does not have the rights to the books Jackson adapted, so any show they do here will have to cover other works Tolkien wrote over the course of his life, and that means a prequel of sorts, set centuries (I guess) before the events of The Hobbit.  That basically means that the only characters from those stories (aside from Sauron) that will probably be appearing here are the Elves Galadriel and Elrond.  Seeing these two younger interests me based on what I saw.  Galadriel here is an angry woman looking to take down Sauron since the Dark Lord murdered her brother, but most Elves believe Sauron is long gone.

She also narrates the opening scenes to set the stage of the world.  Oh, and then she and her small troop take down a snow troll.

As for Elrond, he’s more of a poet with some interests (maybe) in politics.

But I did like the way this pilot episode set up three of the principal races in this world.  The Elves are these mythological beings, perfect in their appearance and in these grandiose cities, agile and precise.  They speak in a more formal manner and carry themselves in a stoic manner, aside from Galadriel who burns with rage for Sauron to the point where she’ll abandon a boat ride to Valinor where she’d get to live in perpetual peace and happiness.

Then there are the humans, seen mostly in villages, who look rather drab and ordinary, even outright poor.  You know, aside from this Bronwyn woman who seems to have access to a skin care regimen.  No wonder she may or may not have caught the eye of the Elven Ranger Arondir.

And finally, the Harfoots, a secretive people who are basically Hobbits.  They seem sociable, friendly, if just to each other, and  are hiding from the humans in the area.  I dug their reveal scene where two human hunters went past a field near a forest, talking about the mysterious Harfoots, but once the pair pass, the Harfoots pop out and set up a small village marketplace that they had camouflaged from the passing humans.  The Harfoots seem the most, for lack of a better word, human.  While Elves and even the Men on this world seem more idealistic than anything else, the Harfoots could have come from the real world if not for their general appearance.  They just talk and act the most like real people.

By the by, that’s not a problem.  Tolkien’s characters are often more like figures of legend than real people, so letting them behave that way works for me.

Anyway, that’s all set-up.  The Harfoots discovered a man in the base of a crater, and there was a large wolf prowling around their lands.  Bronwyn and Arondir discover a village near hers has been destroyed, and the evidence there suggested Sauron’s people are responsible, and while Elrond’s political star is rising, Galadriel is rejecting heaven because she’s just sure Sauron is still out there somewhere.

I think I can get into this.

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