December 1, 2022

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Noteworthy Issues: Infinite Frontier #0 (March, 2021)

Oh, look, an anthology issue saying where everything is now that the Death Metal stuff is over.

OK, so, DC ended the Death Metal nonsense with Wonder Woman going off to join the Space Gods who oversee, like, everything.

This is what comes next I suppose.

Issue:  Infinite Frontier #0, March 2021

Writers:  Geoff Johns, Scott Snyder, Becky Cloonan, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson, Joelle Jones, Brian Michael Bendis, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Michael Conrad, Geoffrey Thorne, and Tim Sheridan

Artists:  Todd Nauck, Howard Porter, John Timms, Jorge Jimenez, Stephen Byrne, Rafa Sandoval, Dexter Soy, John Romita Jr., Jamal Igle, Alex Maleev, Alitha Martinez, Joelle Jones, David Marquez, Mark Morales, Klaus Janson, and Jordi Tarragoria

The Plot:  Will Wonder Woman join the Quintessence, or will she join the Overseer God Things?

Commentary:  OK, so, this is basically a preview issue.  There’s not a whole lot of plot.  Just Wonder Woman and the Spectre wandering through the multiverse to see what’s going on back on Earth in order to get readers potentially excited about new series or new directions for old series and the like.

If that’s what this is, well, let’s just say it didn’t really grab me and leave it at that.

See, Diana is being offered a chance to join the Quintessence, seen here as Shazam, Ganthet, Hera (replacing Zeus), the Phantom Stranger, and the Spectre.  She’s supposed to go on and join the beings that watch over the ominiverse, so why she’s skip them to hang with the Quintessence who have a much smaller purview I have no idea.  To help out, the Spectre offers to take Diana around to see what the world is like without her now that she’s basically gone.  From there, it’s a series of sneak previews of whatever series the issue felt like spotlighting.  Batman’s world got more of a look than most, showing the Joker’s attack on Arkham Asylum that I’d seen referenced in other books I’ve been reading.  There’s Jon Kent doing the Superman thing (Spectre thinks he’ll fall short because Spectre’s an asshole here in this one story or something), a new Wonder Girl pops up, trouble shows itself on Paradise Island, and the Justice League may be looking for Black Adam.

Geoff Johns contributed a Stargirl story.  That was the only one to really ignore the Diana/Spectre framing device, so that was kinda weird, but I will never say no to Todd Nauck’s artwork.

Maybe most noteworthy for me was an Alan Scott story where he came out as gay for his kids Jade and Obsidian.  Interesting choice.  I know the New 52 Alan was gay on Earth-2, and I think they did it because the New 52 basically wiped Jade and Obsidian away for a time, and since Obsidian was gay, the creators figured it was fair to make Alan gay to make up for that loss.  I can’t disagree with that.  I just find it a little interesting they decided to do more with that in the main universe.  Again, not bad.  Just interesting.

Regardless, I don’t think it’s spoiling too much to say Wonder Woman turns the Quintessence down, and that may be a smart thing considering what happens to those cosmic busybodies, characters that never seem to be all that interesting when they meet up but can be when they’re on their own.  Granted, I’m not sure how the thing that happened to them should even have happened to a couple of them, but what do I know?  The only reason I read this at all was because it had a short series come out of it that may have led to that Dark Crisis thing, and there had to be a multiverse-spanning threat to come out of all this mess.  I just found the ending, the only real story for this issue, to be a bit of a letdown as it was mostly there for shock value and that’s about it.

Grade:  C

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