December 1, 2022

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Missy “The Belly Of The Beast”

In a mysterious prison camp, the slaves keep rebelling. Missy doesn't seem to mind.

So, for this fourth and final Missy story for this set, did the various stories all fit together?  Eh, there’s a bit at the end connecting the three previous stories to show what she was up to the whole time, but it was actually kinda minor, and while it does a good job of tying four very different audio stories together, I found the more interesting aspects of this final one to be, well, nothing at all to do with the majority of this story that shows just how twisted a soul Missy is.

So, in a cave somewhere, a group of slaves are forced to dig for something.  Armed guards are everywhere.  And every so often, monsters called “kobolts” show up and attack.  One slave woman, named Aleyna, seems to remember a time before when aliens invaded her peaceful community, her father was killed, and she was separated from her mother.  Then she seems to die, but she wakes up in a hospital with Missy there, told she won’t remember much about this part, and she sure is upset to see her own corpse in the next bed.

Once back to work, Aleyna convinces two friends, Cort and Sath, to join in her in an escape attempt.  They get away from the guards, dodge the kobolts, and meet a resistance leader with an odd accent that sounds a lot like Michelle Gomez.

For what it’s worth, as much as I enjoy these stories, it really wasn’t a shock to learn that the resistance leader was just a Missy from the future.

See, this whole set-up, well, it’s clones.  Cort, Sath, and Aleyna all have the same childhood memories.  Every time one dies, Missy just sends out another one, and Cort, as the lone male clone here, is also the base model for all the guards.  Clones are cheaper than robots, or else Missy would use them, and the whole thing is there because she needs some rare object deep in the caves that are actually a giant, dead space thing that ate the thing Missy is looking for and subsequently died.  Said thing causes mutations, and the kobolts are just mutated slaves.  It’s why Missy isn’t digging for the thing herself.

Why is she in two places?  Well, she wants to stay entertained, so she encourages the occasional slave revolt just to see what happens.  Aleyna and Cort manage to get away knowing this, something Missy is curious to see how it all plays out, and Sath turns into a kobolt, allowing Aleyna to convince Sath and the other kobolts to attack the guards and free everybody.

To which Missy, having gotten the piece she wanted and putting into her TARDIS…decides they can have their freedom.  Oh, but then the world they’re in blows up.  Sure, Aleyna sees her parents again, but somehow, I don’t think she ended up too well.

And the thing Missy was after was the original TARDIS, the Master of all TARDISes, something that will allow her to control a lot of other TARDISes, and she did it all by running one really twisted game involved cloned slaves who all remembered the same time before they were captured that never existed.

That’s some nasty stuff.

I loved every second of it.  Michelle Gomez’s Missy is both evil and delightful in equal measures, someone who does evil without always seeming evil so much as playful until people start dying at her own hand.  Then the listener is reminded she’s the face of evil and not anyone’s friend.  I don’t think any other Master ever got that balance quite right.  Most are just evil.

As for next time…another Doctor story.  Which one?  Wait and see,

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