December 5, 2022

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Missy “The Broken Clock”

D.I. Missy Masters of Scotland Yard is on the case for a really strange true crime show.

So, just when I think I have these Missy stories figured out, Big Finish goes and throws this curveball of an adventure out there.

Consider me pleasantly impressed.

Yes, it’s an episode of the TV True Crime series Dick Zodiac’s America’s Most Impossible Killers, and NYPD detective Joe Lynwood is on the case, looking into bizarre deaths where people appear to be long dead despite only disappearing for a few seconds or so.  What could be the cause of all that?  Could it be…murder?

And if so…how?

That there is an excellent question.  How does the body of a museum guard or a woman art collector look months old despite being alive mere minutes earlier?  This doesn’t look like a homicide, but that’s what visiting Scotland Yard D.I. Missy Masters says, and Joe doesn’t have any better ideas.

And then the real Missy shows up to somehow hijack the program.  She even notes a record scratch and disintegrates the actress playing her for only saying she would try to get the Scottish accent right.  She wants Dick Zodiac’s narrator to talk less and keeps telling another museum guard how many (increasingly smaller) minutes he has left to live.  Then again, the real Joe seemed to think he could see the past and the present through the actor playing him in the recreations.  They do look very similar.

What follows is a story where Missy seems to have completely taken over an episode of an Unsolved Mysteries sort of show.  It seems very absurd, particularly since they are on the trail of a man described as having dark hair and a forked beard that made me think she was somehow on the hunt for an earlier incarnation of herself.  And how was she controlling a TV show where the characters seemed to know they were on a TV show and could hear the unseen narrator?  Heck, Missy argues with the unseen narrator.  I am used to characters here having special knowledge and skills, but this seems a bit much, and yet I was enjoying the hell out of it anyway.

So imagine my surprise (and joy) to learn what was really going on.  No one was being murdered.  Not really.  The killer was Missy’s old TARDIS from the Time War.  It was self-aware enough to be horrified of her, and the dead were just people it took around as new travel company.  The art collector, for one, had a hell of a good ride going around places.  Joe was actually dying if he didn’t snap out of Missy’s hypnosis and help “Mark” (what he called the TARDIS’s human image projection) get away from her.  He manages to succeed and even saves himself in the process in part because the whole TV show thing was going on in his head in an effort to save his own life, and he can use the narrator to harass Missy long enough to get away and zap her off somewhere where she won’t be bothering anyone for a while.

See, Joe got to know Missy well enough to understand that, in the end, the Master always loses.  He just did that all without the Doctor.

Man, I am enjoying these.  I wonder what the last story in the set will be like…

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