December 5, 2022

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Noteworthy Issues: X-Force #4 (December, 2019)

A new X-Force is formally put together.

OK, so, this series sure did take its time putting its team together, but now that they have, well…it’s looking like the fireworks are gonna start.

But first, a word on death.

Issue:  X-Force #4, December 2019

Writer:  Benjamin Percy

Artist: Joshua Cassara

The Plot:  The Quiet Council officially OKs a new X-Force.

Commentary:  After the first three issues with dealt with efforts to resurrect the assassinated Charles Xavier, the Quiet Council, the group of mutants that are basically running Krakoa, see the need for a mutant CIA (their words).  There are forces attacking their interests abroad, forces that seem to know their way around things, and they have to do this because…

Wait, why?

OK, I do enjoy this series very much.  I like the general vibe, the artwork is good, and the characters interact in a fun way.  The espionage aspects are good, and the action moves very well.  This issue even takes time to point out Professor X, working through a variety of shell corporations, is now the richest man on Earth.  His plants that cure, like, everything.  So, why am I confused a bit?  Well…mutants can’t die anymore.  Oh, I am sure someone will eventually change that status quo, and it’s not like there aren’t other implications to the whole “mutants can’t die” sort of thing, but my understanding is that comes across a bit more in a Nightcrawler-focused series.  So, why do the mutants worry that much?  Could it be possible for Krakoa to, I dunno, just ignore these people?

Eh, there’s no real comic if that happens, and besides, these human adversaries are really, really good.  The Quiet Council’s decision to create a new X-Force to act as, yes, a “mutant CIA” has two components inspired by the legends of the Avenger Hercules.  Hercules had his wise sister Athena to guide him, so the team will be Sage, Jean Grey, and Beast on Intelligence and Domino, Kid Omega, and Wolverine doing the dirty work.

But there is a highlight to this issue:  a trip to Forge’s lab, a place where he is evidently experimenting with Kroakoan tech, in this case, to build weapons for the new X-Force to use when on missions.  The jocular exchanges between Forge and Logan were a bit fun, something like the verbal jabs between Q and 007 if Q were a bit more of a rogue and 007 was a bit more of a roughhouse.

So, there it is, everything all set up, and a final page where…well, I suppose I’ll say more when I eventually review the next issue.

Grade:  B

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