December 5, 2022

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Missy “A Spoonfull Of Mayhem”

Missy becomes a tutor and governess to a pair of 19th century teenagers.

So, this was the first story on the set…you know, until I listened to the second one first.  I didn’t notice any connections between the two audio plays aside from the fact that they both have Missy causing trouble with some rather amusing bits that seem to insert her into different points of pop culture.

Like here where she’s basically a nasty version of Mary Poppins.

So, apparently, Missy got caught somewhere along the line, and she’s under some tight surveillance by some mysterious powers that, among other things, won’t let her kill anybody.  That sure is a bummer.  But these people, represented by a mysterious Mr. Cosmo, are sending her out on jobs.  She just has to stay on something of a tight leash.

That gets her sent to Victorian England where she takes a position as a governess and tutor for a pair of teenagers.  15 year old Lucy is a bit imaginative and a romantic.  Her older (I think) brother Oliver really likes machines.  Their single father owns a railroad.  Missy gets the job in part by shoving the old man who was supposed to take it out of her way as both made their way up the family’s front walkway.

Now, if you think asking Missy to watch over, oh, anybody is a bad idea even if she is being kept from killing anybody, then congratulations.  You are automatically smarter than Mr. Cosmo and his employers.  But if the other story played around with some of the more well-known aspects of Henry VIII’s life and times, this one does something similar by, yes, referencing Mary Poppins.  Missy will gladly take the two kids to a museum (after hours) to show them incredible things, like the different aliens hiding in plain sight.  That is particularly true for the Djinn, a water-based life form that does owe Missy a debt when she lets it out of its bottle.

By the by, asking the Doctor about different time periods would probably result in some knowing talk about what they were really like, but it would be more or less respectful or at least told in an off-hand or distracted manner.  Lucy’s mention of the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians mostly gets a snort (at best) out of Missy since none of those people were civilized enough for her tastes.  That’s the sort of thing that gets Lucy thinking Missy ain’t on the level.  Oliver thinks Missy respects him (poor kid) because they both show interest in machines like the railroad.

Yes, Missy is using the railroad and the Djinn to enact some plot to possible make a time traveling train or some such.  Cosmo has to intervene again since Missy did stop to pick up passengers along the way.  Oliver learned a harsh lesson (maybe), Lucy was vindicated, and Missy was annoyed.  I was mostly delighted.

Apparently, Oliver and Lucy (and possibly with Cosmo) return for a future Missy adventure.  I may look into those, but I still have a lot of Big Finish stuff to get through.

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