December 5, 2022

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Noteworthy Issues: Suicide Squad #9 (November, 2021)

Waller's next mission sends the Squad into space.

OK, this may be making me question my suspension of disbelief a little, and for a superhero comic book, but if Amanda Waller is on the run and at a secret island HQ…where exactly did she get her resources?  I mean, she sends the Squad into space for this issue.  You’d think the Justice League would notice a rocket taking off or something.

Issue:  Suicide Squad #9, November 2021

Writer:  Robbie Thompson

Artists:  Eduardo Pansica, Dexter Soy, and Julio Ferreira

The Plot:  The Squad goes recruiting…on Oa.

Commentary:  OK, the Squad’s having a rocket that can fly to Oa notwithstanding, I am still largely enjoying this series.  Culebra is a zombie, basically, and Talon trusts her with the truth that he’s faking his insanity.  Major Force is being every bit the psycho he’s always been, and it’s still a bit unclear if Ambush Bug is crazy in this version or legitimately knows he’s in a comic book.  OK, on that last one, I don’t care much either way.

Instead, it’s the Squad going on another recruitment drive, only this time, it’s to bust some alien out of a sciencecell on Oa.  That means getting to Oa, getting past the Green Lantern Corps’s defenses, and getting off the planet again while Waller can still use her fancy shock collars on them from lightyears away, and hopefully they don’t kill each other first.  Up until this point, the Squad has, for the most part, gotten along.  Waller is the real enemy.  Hell, Nocturna and Match seem to be falling for each other.  Ambush Bug is mostly annoying to the other characters, but Major Force is an outright menace.  He seems likely to throw down with anybody and everybody, and Waller is probably the only thing that’s keeping him at all on any kind of leash.

Naturally, the question may come up of who can actually stop Waller, and there is one really good candidate:  Rick Flag.  And he’s out there getting his own Squad together since it would take a Squad to stop a Squad, and Waller, well, she’s made a lot of enemies who are sitting in a lot of secret prisons, and Flag knows where they are.  Specifically, he knows about the prisons where Waller kept even more dangerous types.  Plus, it looks like if Waller is recruiting her own twisted Justice League, Flag is recruiting a sort of Legion of Doom.

Did I say I am enjoying this series?  Because I am truly enjoying this series.

Grade:  B+

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