February 26, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “From Beer To Paternity”

In which Homer and Lisa help Duffman get back with his estranged daughter.

Man, I am used to this show tossing in some guest stars, but in this case, I didn’t recognize the voices.  One was a fellow named Paul Brittain.  He was apparently on Saturday Night Live, but I haven’t been a regular viewer of that show for years, so I have no idea who that is.  But the other was Aubrey Plaza.  And…I tend to really like her work.  But even though I pegged the character that was probably a guest star, it sounded a lot like it might have been a member of the regular cast.  That’s how, like, indistinct the voice was.

But what about the rest of the episode?  I mean, this one didn’t even have a B-plot.

Duffman’s been Duff Beer’s pitchman for decades…wait, how old is this guy?  Regardless, times change, and he seems very passe, so the company is having a massive online election to choose a more, er, woke mascot.

Man, I really don’t like the use of the word “woke”.

However, Duffman is included for old time’s sake, and he’s losing.  To drum up support, he opts to do like he’s used to and hose down groups of women with beer.  Small problem:  every place he tries to do that, it’s always a room full of female attorneys that turn out to be of the litigiousness variety.  To get out of trouble, he says he has a daughter himself, and when challenged, he pulls out his phone and finds…one where he posed with an infant Lisa for some sort of promotional thing Homer took her to.  That mollifies everyone but Lisa, so Homer goes off to talk to Duffman.

It turns out Duffman is miserable because he’s estranged from his own daughter Amber.  They haven’t spoken in decades, but he still has a hand drawn picture she made of him when she was in single digits.  Lisa is a bit touched, and Duffman is impressed that Homer is a good father.  Can Homer help Duffman?

Will this be another Lisa-and-Homer episode?  Probably, but I don’t even remember if Bart was even in this one.

Regardless, Homer’s first step is to get a bunch of fathers of daughters together to help Duffman over lunch at a Hooters knock-off because…well, it had to be somewhere inappropriate, right?  And what a group Homer gathered.  There’s Dr. Hibbert, Krusty, Superintendent Chalmers, Mayor Quimby, Rainier Wolfcastle and…wait, does Homer even know all of those guys?  Regardless, the guys encourage Duffman to call Amber, and she agrees to see him, but to pluck up his courage, Duffman wants Homer to come along, and that means Lisa too.  Lisa doesn’t want to go, but Marge points out the Agatha Christie museum is on the way, and Lisa is a huge fan.

She is?

Never mind.  Lisa and Homer hit the road with Duffman, who alternates between his usual self and a worried guy who doesn’t know if his daughter will like him.  He’s also getting calls from his agent (Brittain, I think), a man who spends a lot of time on treadmills, and to try and help him win votes, Homer takes Duffman to a mascot convention, promising to get Lisa to the museum afterwards.

But Homer thinks a stopped clock around another mascot’s neck is telling accurate time, and he doesn’t get Lisa there in time.  The museum is closed…for three years.  Lisa is furious, calls Homer selfish, and…I think I have seen this sort of thing before.

Now, it does seem to me that Homer isn’t being so selfish this time.  He was doing this for Duffman, mostly.  But Lisa does point out that he was doing it to make himself feel like a good father, and to be fair, it was Marge that gave Homer the idea he needed to get Lisa to come along.  Fortunately, the two get over it pretty quickly and head off to help Duffman meet his daughter…and beat him there because he stopped to party.  That’s the last straw for Amber (Plaza), but when she’s nearly flattened by a runaway keg, Duffman saves her with a giant…chick magnet?  Where was he hiding that thing?

Eh, never mind.  Father and daughter bond again, and even though Lisa posted the rescue to social media and saved his job, Duffman is going to change his alias to “Puffman” and become the spokesperson for Amber’s weed dispensary.  Maybe then he can go reunite with his other estranged daughters!

Wait, what?

Oh, and over the credits, Homer did get Lisa to that museum.

Yeah, no sign of Bart that I can remember…