April 1, 2023

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Noteworthy Issues: Rogues #3 (July, 2022)

Captain Cold's plans hit a few snags as he cuts a side deal, and things get a whole lot worse for the Rogues.

Well, I thought Grodd in this series was dressed in a certain way, and it turns out I was more right than I thought.

However, that was an end-of-issue reveal, and I won’t be saying more about that here, at least until I review the next issue.

Issue:  Rogues #3, July 2022

Writer:  Joshua Willamson

Artist:  Leomacs

The Plot:  Captain Cold’s plans don’t work out quite as well as planned.

Commentary:  At this point in a story like this, it makes a certain amount of sense for the Rogues’ plans to hit a few obstacles.  It’s not like this is the sort of story where everything works out just fine.  These are a bunch of aging criminals (and whatever Bronze Tiger happens to be), and they weren’t exactly getting along fine beforehand.  There have been a couple references to how, on their last job before they opted to try and rob the Gorilla City Bank, both Captain Boomerang and Weather Wizard ended up dead.  That’s all that’s been said, and I’ll be a little surprised if this mini-series shows what went wrong with the two dead Rogues, but I could see it going either way.

However, Len Snart did get a little unexpected help in the form of Sam Simeon, once half of the detective pair of “Angel and the Ape” and now a cop in Gorilla City.  Now, if I remember right, Sam in some stories is related to Grodd, but he doesn’t seem to be here.  One thing’s for sure:  he hates Grodd, and he’ll be more than happy to give Len the code to the security system if he’ll do Sam a small favor and kill Grodd.

Len accepts.  And quite frankly, as bad as Len is, Grodd is far, far worse.

However, Len is also greedy.  Grodd has a whole lot of gold, more than the Rogues anticipated, and that greed, or desire to no longer be seen as a joke, drives Len over the edge, and from there, it’s only a matter of time before some of the Rogues start dying.

Though quite frankly, one of them had it comin’.

Oh, I am enjoying this mini-series.  While I am still not 100% sure it had to be a Black Label story, having the Rogues go on a fabled “final job” but at the same time show why they maybe weren’t as good as they claimed to be, or at least that they’re out of practice, makes for a good story.  Some of these characters are the type the reader might root for for one reason or another while others are fairly despicable.  That said, being likable or relatable doesn’t seem to be enough as the body count is rising, but the series doesn’t seem to care much about which ones live or die.  It’s supposed to be tragic.  Len Snart is clearly trying to prove he is somebody with the biggest score imaginable.  It’s only natural that’s going to get some people killed in the end.

Grade:  B+

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