March 26, 2023

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YouTube Selection: Patrick Willems Discusses Zack Snyder

Patrick H Willems discusses the work of Zack Snyder.

Patrick Willems is a movie lover who does deep dive into popular movies and the people behind them on his channel.

He opted to cover Zack Snyder recently.

So, here’s the thing:  Willems spends very little time on the DCEU, particularly Justice League, instead focusing on Snyder’s other work, and though I am not sure I would call Willems a fan, he doesn’t just trash Snyder’s work and even goes out of his way to list good things about Snyder and his work.  It’s fair and even-handed, being critical where Willems thinks criticism is warranted but also praising Snyder when he did things Willems likes.  What is Willems’s assessment of Snyder?  See below for details.

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