December 5, 2022

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Noteworthy Issues: The Amazing Spider-Man #33 (February, 1966)

Spider-Man will do anything to save his Aunt May.

Hey, Spider-Man!  You gotta save Aunt May!


Issue:  The Amazing Spider-Man #33, February 1966

The Words:  Stan Lee

Everything Else:  Steve Ditko

The Plot:  Can Spider-Man get the isotope back to Aunt May in time?

Commentary:  Oh wow.  Remember, hypothetical reader who is probably Jimmy, how Spider-Man ended the last issue battling Doctor Octopus only to find himself trapped in Doc Ock’s underwater lab, buried under rubble as a leak started to flood the place?  Man, I am so sure Doctor Octopus is gonna get it now!

Oh, he’s not in this issue.

Well, is Spidey going to find the strength to get out of this mess?

Um, yeah.  It’s, like, one of the most famous splash panels of Ditko’s entire Spider-Man run if not out of all of Spider-Man comics as Peter, fretting over Aunt May and how he’s responsible for her current illness, lifts the heavy objects off of him and gets out.

Much of the rest of the issue shows Spidey escaping, beating up all those purple-clad goons, and all on a pulled leg muscle because of course he pulled a leg muscle.  Then it’s back to Curt Connors, fix the serum up, get it to Aunt May, and the threat of her death is over.  He even gets a tip to Foswell to thank him for an earlier tip, gets photos of the cops arresting Doc Ock’s entire goon squad, and upsets Betty again.

Why is Betty still in this series?

I mean, at this point, she just seems stupid.  Peter is a thrill seeker!  Oh no!  Or, you know, those photos Peter takes and sells to Jonah Jameson are his only source of income and he has a sick, elderly aunt.  What else is he supposed to do?  I don’t even know if Peter is all that good a photographer or if he’s just lucky.  But…shouldn’t Betty know most of that by now?  About the “man” she loves and all?  I mean, it makes sense to me.  Maybe Betty should really be blaming a poor social safety net and a system where the only way a lad in Peter’s position can get anywhere is to do dangerous things just to pay his bills and provide for that sick old lady who gets rushed to the hospital every three issues.

Just sayin’.

Grade:  A

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