July 21, 2024

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Doctor Who “Relative Time”

The Fifth Doctor and his clone/daughter Jenny team up to deal with another time anomaly.

One of the more clever bits of casting that the Doctor Who revival was for an episode titled “The Doctor’s Daughter” that the producers hired actress Georgia Moffett (or, as she is known today, Georgia Tennant) to play a clone of the Tenth Doctor that might as well be the Doctor’s daughter, and that Ms. Moffett (later Ms. Tennant) was in fact the daughter of Fifth Doctor actor Peter Davison.

Naturally, it took Big Finish to put the two characters together in the next part of “The Legacy of Time”.

The Fifth Doctor is traveling alone when he picks up a distress call.  Taking the TARDIS to the source, he runs smack into Jenny, the Doctor’s daughter.  Sort of.  Jenny is trying to take care of a time anomaly, and a ship fell inside with some passengers.  The Doctor and Jenny both want to help, but there are some issues.  For the Doctor and Jenny, that mostly means she wants his acceptance while he finds her a perplexing annoyance.  For the other thing…

So, apparently, there’s another Time Lord known as The Nine.  His regenerations didn’t work quite right, and as a result, he hears all of his previous eight regenerations all talking more or less at the same time, but he’s used that to become a thief because he’s kind of a jerk that way.  The ship that went into the vortex is a luxury liner for wealthy disaster tourists, people with a lot of money who like to watch planets go kaboom and the like.  It’s the sort of thing that makes it hard to feel bad for these people.  Then again, they do seem to be played a bit for laughs.

Regardless, The Nine soon picks up a companion of his own, one Thana, another thief and a member of an alien race that can only die of old age.

This one was mostly a fun story.  Sure, some monsters from the vortex show up and start eating the rich, but the biggest issue is that the Doctor needs to accept Jenny knows what she’s doing, a debatable thing since she realized he’s a couple incarnations younger than the Doctor she knew, even asking if she should call him her great-great-great-grandpa.  He says no.

Actually, I don’t know if it’s because of Davison’s aging or the story, but the Doctor sounds pretty old and cranky.  Then again, dealing with Jenny might be enough to make him cranky.  I’ll have to see how this Doctor, one of the nicer ones, sounds in other Big Finish stories.

However, to get out, the Doctor will need to work with The Nine, and The Nine wants to get out and get the loot, a process by which he will somehow also gain control over all time on planet Earth.

Yeah, that doesn’t work out as the Doctor uses his TARDIS to ram The Nine’s ship, with Thana inside, out while Jenny flies the survivors to safety.  And, due to the nature of the event, no one will really remember what happened later.  But by then, the Doctor did grow to accept Jenny as his daughter.  Sort of.  Kinda.  Maybe.