May 26, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: New Fantastic Four #2 (July, 2022)

The Hulk, Wolverine, and Spider-Man work to get back to Vegas while Ghost Rider stands alone.

Well, it looks like Peter David’s thing these days at Marvel is to write follow-ups to popular past storylines.

That is not a complaint.

Issue:  New Fantastic Four #2, July 2022

Writer:  Peter David

Artist:  Alan Robinson

The Plot:  The New Fantastic Four need to get back to Vegas…except for Ghost Rider.

Commentary:  The main plot here involves a bit of a mystery involving a priest named Father Priest who apparently wishes things and they come true.  He wished some heroes would investigate demonic possession in the Vegas undercity.  He wished the heroes to safety when things got dicey.  And here, he wished he was with the New Fantastic Four when he wanted to test his powers.

Except, well, when he made the wish to send everyone to safety, it didn’t seem to do anything for Ghost Rider, now forced to stand and fight alone against the demon lord expanding his reach through possessed homeless people.  So, as he fights the demon, a task where none of his best efforts seem to do much of anything, and even if they did, the demon lord probably doesn’t care.  It’s not like its his own body that’s going to get hurt.

Meanwhile, the rest of the sort-of team–Spider-Man, Wolverine, and the Joe Fixit Hulk–are coming back with the Human Torch in the Fantasticar.  Johnny wasn’t going to let them just borrow the ride, but he can use it to take them there.

There’s nothing really all that bad here, but when the story isn’t focusing on Ghost Rider’s efforts to stop the bad guy, it’s going to Wolverine and Spider-Man largely disagreeing with each other.  Logan sees no harm in popping the claws and threatening whoever bugs him, often challenged by Peter, but then just as easily dismissed.  That said, Wolverine does just decide to believe Father Priest’s explanation at face value because, well…look at the world they live in.

The previous issue blurb did promise a member of the team would turn on the others.  Without saying who, I will add that the reveal is obviously on the last page, and whether or not that character is all that surprising…well, I wasn’t surprised.  This has been a fun story two issues in, so I’m looking forward to the next one, but really, this is just another reason to be wary of next issue blurbs.  They like to stretch it a bit when it comes to enticing back the reader for one more go-around.

Grade:  B-