April 24, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Split Infinitive”

The Doctor and Ace battle thieves in the 1960s and 70s at the same time.

Well, I said the Rocket Men sounded like a fun bunch of space pirates the last time I wrote something up for a Big Finish Seventh Doctor adventure, and hey, I was right!

See, they came back, but that’s a relatively minor problem.

Yeah, the next story in this anthology has the Seventh Doctor and Ace, as always played by the same actors, teaming up with the Counter-Measures, a group that I think I have seen before but aren’t UNIT even though UNIT could probably do the job just fine.  Oh, the Doctor has a line there about how UNIT was exposed too much to time travel to be as effective as the Counter-Measures.  Maybe these were the same people from that Seventh Doctor comic trade I read not that long ago, but it’s a moot point.  These guys are the ones who are going to be helping the Doctor and Ace as they battle the Rocket Men, on Earth to commit a series of robberies in both the 60s and the 70s at the same time.  That is caused by some kind of anomaly that could destroy all of time and space or some such.  You know, the usual.

See, the Rocket Men have an ally, some mystery figure who can rapidly age people through physical contact.  The only ones immune are time travelers.  Since they’re operating in two times at once, the Doctor will look for the source of the problem in the 70s while Ace does the same in the 60s, both working with that time’s Counter-Measures group, a group that in the 70s will only gradually remember what happened in the 60s because despite the fact that the adventure took place a decade earlier, it is still happening at the same time.

That mostly means the Doctor and Ace are both going through more or less the same adventure with the same people from ten years apart.  The pair only team back up when the Doctor realizes Ace got knocked out of a plane and had to be scooped up in mid-air by the TARDIS.  That’s the sort of adventure this is, where the pair work separately in their own distinctive manner with the Doctor doing all the mental heavy lifting while Ace concocts her explosives and blows stuff up.

So yes, they do save the day, and the head of the Rocket Men probably died a horrible death where he may have never existed, but who or what was behind all that is something of a mystery.  Yes, the Doctor doesn’t know who or what the mysterious time traveler was.  He’s just sure he’ll find out.  Or he did find out.

It was that sort of adventure.