February 5, 2023

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Noteworthy Issues: The Jurassic League #1 (May, 2022)

The Justice League is a bunch of dinosaurs. That's the joke.

So, as much as I largely stick to titles I more or less know, I do sometimes try something that looks outright ridiculous out of some sense of curiosity to see if some curio of a book is worth my time.

That is the only explanation I can offer as to why I read the first issue of The Jurassic League.

Issue:  The Jurassic League #1, May 2022

Writers:  Daniel Warren Johnson and Juan Gedeon

Artist:  Juan Gedeon

The Plot:  DC’s heroes and villains are talking dinosaurs now.

Commentary:  OK, so, maybe it’s just I am not really into the joke here that much, but was I expecting too much for a title where the Big Three of DC are now Supersaur, Batwalker, and Wonderdon?

Let me stop here for a second and add this:  if those names don’t tickle your fancy at all, this book is not for you.  Like, at all.  I know this because this book is not for me, and while there are potentially good ideas here, I was completely uninterested in continuing with this book and have zero plans to read more of it.

Now, this book is not meant to be taken seriously.  I know this because there are both dinosaurs and cavemen in this issue.  Supersaur was adopted by cavemen Kents.  Batwalker rescues an orphaned caveboy that I am guessing will be this universe’s Robin.  I think by this point, everyone knows cavemen and dinosaurs didn’t really exist, so sticking them in a book like this should be another sign that it is not to be taken seriously.  The closest I came to a chuckle was a single panel of Batwalker’s flashback to the death of his parents as a juvenile T-Rex stood between two downed adults, a cartoonish look of shock and tears on his face.  Was it supposed to be funny?  I’m not sure.  Make the characters human and probably not.  Make them dinosaurs with an acid-spitting lizard version of the Joker running away, and I might smile a little but not much.

And that’s about all I can say here.  There’s a dinosaur version of Aquaman too, and the best name may be Blackmantasaurus.  Was it because Death Metal had a Batmanasaurus Rex that that much better name couldn’t have been used?  I don’t know.  The story was rote, the artwork didn’t work for me, and the concept may have made me a little curious, but not enough to continue much beyond this one issue.  It just is not my thing, and I am not 100% sure whose thing it would be.

Grade:  D

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