May 26, 2024

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Doctor Who “Flux Chapter Four: Village Of Angels”

The Doctor investigates a village in 1960s England overrun by the Weeping Angels.

OK, I know I have pointed out that fast talking and accents interfere with my hearing and make it difficult for me to follow these episodes.  I’d like to include shouting during loud background music to that list as well.  Plus the vagueness.

But I think I finally have a rough idea what’s happening.

To that end, I am referring to what the Doctor’s role during all this is.  I still don’t really understand what Swarm and Azure’s whole deal here is.  They’re scooping up Flux survivors in their Passenger sidekicks, claiming they take people to a safe paradise but are instead, according to Bel, putting these folks in prisons.  I don’t know what the Flux is or who sent it either.  But at least I know why the Weeping Angels are involved.

The thing is, the Weeping Angels are a rather mysterious bunch.  They don’t talk, only move when you aren’t looking at them, and even when they do move, are lightning fast.  But they also can’t move if they are looking at themselves, so that rule is maybe being a bit relaxed at present.  Just about every appearance of the Weeping Angels leads to more weird abilities, and I’m not 100% sure how I feel about that.  They are, as a group, probably a little overused in some respects anyway.

But back in the first part of this series, I saw a woman named Claire who said she knew the Doctor but the two hadn’t met yet.  Then a Weeping Angel apparently got her, zapping her back to the 1960s in a small village where the entire population just disappeared a day or two after the Doctor and her companions arrived.  There’s a search party out looking for a missing little girl, and an older woman seems to be trying to warn everyone to leave town.

Yes, the little girl is also the older woman.  The girl went back to the early years of the 20th century and got back to her original time the long way.  Yaz and Dan also go back to that time along with the generally awesome new character of Professor Jericho, a bold, brave man who takes every explanation that the Doctor gives him about the Weeping Angels and not only shows no fear but he also goes along with her plan.  This episode needs more people like that, especially when the Angels kill the little girl’s parents after grabbing them a second time.

Those parents are kinda harsh people.

There’s a lot more going on here, so let me add one final bit before moving on:  everything seems to go back to the Doctor’s time with Division.  I thought they were, like, the Time Lords’ police force or something.  They still might be.  But they didn’t recruit just Time Lords.  Karvanista was one.

And so is the Weeping Angel inside of Claire.  That one went rogue.  The others are trying to get her back against her will.

So…Division would hire anybody.

Oh boy.

Regardless, the Rogue Angel manages to cut a deal with the others:  take the Doctor instead of her.  And as the episode ends, the Doctor is transformed into a Weeping Angel because…

…wait, the Weeping Angels can do that?