June 12, 2024

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Only Murders In The Building “Performance Review”

Season Two, Episode Six

Wait…is that Andrea Martin as Charles’s old make-up lady?  It is!  Awesome!  And Jane Lynch is back as Sazz, Charles’s stunt double even though his character in the revival is confined to a wheelchair.  Man, this must have been a good episode.

I mean, it was.  These people should not go on stakeout together.

That’s what happens when the three of them realize the killer is probably setting them up.  Things are intense anyway.  Cinda Canning, their onetime idol, is using her show to basically say Mabel did the murder, bringing in at least one guy from her past that claims she chopped off his finger in a fit of rage.  Mabel denies it to her partners, and they more or less seem to agree with that, but they also did find a clue in the form of a matchbook with a suspicious fingerprint on it.  Detective Williams might be able to run the thing past forensics–let’s forget for a moment that she doesn’t approve of what they are doing–but she’s on maternity leave.

So, why did she text back a “yes”?

It must be the killer!

Or it’s Jimmy.  He does stuff like that sometimes to be helpful.  But Jimmy isn’t on this show.

Oliver figures a glitter bomb would do the trick if they drop the “evidence” off somewhere and see who comes to pick it up.  That’s not a bad plan.  It might work out better if the three didn’t bicker while they waited over Mabel’s new relationship, Charles’s old relationship, and Oliver’s biological relationship to his son.  Of those issues…yeah, Charles has the biggest problem.  Jan ain’t exactly a healthy relationship.  He should try Martin’s Joy character.  I mean, her name says she’s a happy person.  Her demeanor does too.  And someone points out she’s actually Charles’s age too.

Yeah, but that means they miss who got hit with the exploding glitter bomb.

Will anything more come of this?  The episode seems to be pointing more towards Mabel, and that just seems unlikely.  And why did Detective Kreps bring both podcast groups to Bunny’s apartment to tell them to stop?  Not only will that not work, but it seems like a really weird place to call a meeting since calling amateur investigators to the scene of the crime seems counterproductive if you want them to stop.  Then again, it may have just been to get Cinda and her crew in the same room as Mabel, and Cinda’s abused assistant Poppy seems kinda helpful.

So, someone got glitter bombed, and Charles did the best thing for him:  he sent Sazz to the prison to break up with Jan because as his double, she will absolutely do all the things he is physically and emotionally incapable of doing.

Now if only there wasn’t video footage where it looks like Mabel stabbed someone…