December 7, 2023

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Weekend Trek “Resurrection”

The Mirror Universe version of Bareil appears on the station.

Well, after such a strong start to season six…I got a real stinker here.  I’m surprised.  It’s both Kira-focused and involves the Mirror Universe.

And yet…I found this one rather dull.

I think the problem here is this time there’s no actual trip to the Mirror Universe.  Instead, two characters from there come to the main universe, and since this is a Kira episode, one of them will be the Intendent Kira, the one who wears that ridiculous headband and overacts a bit (of that character, I am not a fan).

The other is the Mirror version of the late Vedek Bareil, Kira’s onetime love.

OK, here’s the problem:  Bareil was kinda dull.  He and Kira didn’t really have much in the way of chemistry, and I can’t say that I missed the character all that much.  So, when the Mirror version beams aboard the station and takes Kira hostage, it’s mostly just kinda pathetic in that Kira reveals she probably could have gotten away at any time and mostly wanted to make the guy walk down 56 levels to get to a landing bay when she was really waiting for a good time to knock the doofus out.

See, this Bareil is a thief, not a holy man, and while he and Kira do start something up, in the end, he’s there to steal one of the Orbs of the Prophets for the Intendent.

Was this a shocking reveal?  Not really.  The Mirror Universe may be the evil version of the main universe, but it isn’t that different.  I suppose I could ask how the Mirror denizens got to this universe if the wormhole was shut down, but that seems to be a fairly minor concern all told.  So yes, the Kira and Bareil from over there would be in cahoots.

Granted, up until the big reveal, this Bareil at least seemed to have some personality.  He’s a bit rough around the edges, and he has a bit of roguish charm.  It is also to the episode’s benefit that, despite a good warning from Sisko, Kira never gets confused and thinks this Bareil is the same as her dead lover.  She always knows better.  The closest anyone of the main cast comes to thinking they are the same is when Quark proposes Mirror Bareil work with him to scam Bajorans by pretending to be the dead guy for profit, and the way Bareil refuses the offer is enough of a tip to Quark to let Kira know there’s something going on.  Quark is many things, but he is a very observant little bugger.

So, should I also be surprised that Mirror Bareil turns on the Intendent after he had been exposed to the Orb himself and had a spiritual awakening?  Nah.  About the only real surprise is Bareil thinks he can take the Intendent back to the Mirror Universe and talk his way out of trouble.

Let’s just say if there’s one more episode over there, I won’t be surprised if he ends up dead if anyone even mentions the guy again.

Beyond that, what a bummer of an episode.  The highlight was probably Kira’s taking Mirror Bareil to dinner in Worf and Dax’s quarters, and not because Worf is the Klingon Emperor in the Mirror Universe.  No, it was mostly because Bareil kinda charmed both Dax and even Worf given the Klingon’s dim view of thieves.  There really isn’t much in this episode worth noting beyond that scene.

Man, I hope this was just an aberration.  I barely had anything to say about this one.