April 18, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Two Masters Disc 2”

The Doctor needs to stop the Two Masters from recreating all of time and space in their own image.

Man, even when the Master isn’t trying to destroy the universe, he almost destroys the universe.

See, the Master apparently gets along with himself about as well as the Doctor does which is to say not at all.  The whole destruction of space and time was caused by the Master entirely by accident.  During an attack on Gallifrey, the newer Master betrayed the older one, and he did so with the help of a mind transference device from a cult devoted to a being called the Heretic.

Oh, the Heretic was another renegade Time Lord, but unlike most renegade Time Lords, he actually stayed on Gallifrey and just watched the universe unfold like most Time Lords do.  And he decided he didn’t like what he saw and wanted to regenerate the universe as a whole into something where there was less war and violence and the like.  The other Time Lords (including, it turns out, the Doctor) eventually put an end to that guy, but he still had a cult with a device that would enable their ship to survive the end of time and then regenerate the universe to something more to their liking.  They just needed to create a paradox of some kind.

Like, say, two Masters, by switching an older version into a younger body and vice versa, and then letting the two loose.

By the by, apparently it was the Master betraying himself that left the older one in the decayed body that was falling apart.

So, anyway, when an older Master was doing things that a newer Master didn’t remember, that created the paradox that was destroying all of time and space.  And because the Master is arrogant no matter what incarnation he appears in, he didn’t realize what was happening, but the Doctor did.  And yes, switching one Master’s mind into the Doctor’s body wouldn’t have fixed anything.  It would have only made things worse.  Heck, the Doctor realizes the reason the Master’s TARDIS was melting was for the same reason that time was being destroyed.

That doesn’t stop the Master from stealing the Doctor’s TARDIS.  And while they do switch back to their proper bodies, the two Masters instead plan to go find the cult, kill them, and regenerate the universe to their own liking.

Too bad they don’t really get along all that much.

Yeah, the older one finds the newer one enjoys killing too much while the newer one thinks the older one is a stick-in-the-mud.

Now, the Doctor does rather easily survive a death trap, even knowing exactly where and when the Masters and the Cult of the Heretic are hiding out, getting there easily enough with the Master’s TARDIS.  He even has all the equipment he needs to protect himself and stun the Masters, equipment those two arrogant boobs both left behind.  That plus a little basic psychology shows the Masters were never going to pull this off since they hated each other too much.

Normally, I would call the Master a dick, but I think it is safer to say here that he’s more of a clown.  Both of him.

So, the Doctor remade the universe in his image?  Nah!  He won’t regenerate the universe so much as restart it, changing next to nothing save allowing Jemima to live after all and banishing both Masters back to their own time with no memory of where they’ve been or what they were doing.

So, I think it is safe to say the Doctor saved the universe, and no one remembered it.  I suspect he’s fine with that.