July 19, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Lisa The Boy Scout”

In which I don't even know anymore.

So, is this what happens when you have ideas for jokes that aren’t good enough to sustain a whole episode?  Because that’s the best I could come up with.

Then again, Megan Mullally returns as Sarah Wiggum for, like, two lines.

The episode starts off normally enough with something about Lisa and Bart competing for merit badges at a Boy Scout-like jamboree, but then…two hackers from a group that looks like Anonymous (how timely) interrupt to say they are blackmailing Disney.  They will release nonsense, cut scenes from The Simpsons that they got using a hack of Disney’s system unless they get some Bitcoins.  One of the two is voiced by guest star Anna Faris.  The other was a regular member of the cast.

And it goes from there.  Lots of nonsense clips.  Homer’s been dreaming the entire series since he failed to jump Springfield Gorge.  Martin is a married, adult undercover cop.  Lenny is a hallucination of Carl’s the other guys play along with.  Eddie the cop is Ralph Wiggum’s real father.  One of Marge’s sisters confesses on her deathbed she is Marge’s mother with the father being someone named “Disco” and then the rest was lost.  Homer apologizes to Finland for mistaking them for Norway (or vice versa, I forget), only to then refer to them as a South American country and have to start over.  Groundskeeper Willie is actually Welsh.

Towards the end, the nonsense clips come out rapid fire and include bits from previous episodes that were a wee bit silly.  Though I still don’t mind the elf jockeys.

You know what I do mind?  Anna Faris’s career.  She’s a hugely talented comedic actress, often the best things in many movies, but most of her movies are kinda meh except for her.  She deserves a lot better there…and that’s not even getting into what happened with Chris Pratt.  Man, I wasn’t exactly invested in their marriage or anything, but somehow I wasn’t surprised when they split and he hooked up with a certain former California governor’s daughter.  I mean, I think the only celebrity marriage I kinda want to last are Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard.  No real reason.  Those two are recognizable but not hugely famous in my general estimation, so that might work in their general favor.  Then again, it isn’t any of my concern.  It’s not like I am friends with these people or anything.  Besides, this whole paragraph may just be there to give this article a bit more heft.  I mean, I never seem to know what to say for the anthology episodes.  What am I supposed to say about an unconnected clip show episode?

Oh, the two hackers fell in love but also got away because the FBI, when they finally did show up, backed off when they threatened to reveal more of Disney’s secrets, such as following up the success of Baby Groot and Baby Yoda with Baby Jeff Goldblum.

I would watch that.

Wait, no I wouldn’t.  That’s just weird.

Anyhoo, it also turned out that the FBI agents didn’t hurry over because the only people still watching The Simpsons are football fans who forget to change the channel.


Possibly true.

OK, I think I have had enough of this.