July 23, 2024

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Only Murders In The Building “Here’s Looking At You”

Season Two, Episode Four.

There was this small plotline in the previous season about how Charles bonded with the young daughter of an ex-girlfriend, even moreso than he did with the girl’s mother.

That kid shows up for an unannounced visit, and Charles is very sweet with her.

Yes, Lucy is here for an episode that seems to be all about parents and children.  Oliver is blowing off his own son Will to work on whatever it is Oliver is working on.  The podcast presumably.

You know, as someone who used to regularly do a podcast, I have some questions about when these three find time to edit their show.  Mostly, are they recording and dumping stuff?  Because that doesn’t seem like something that could result in anything all that professional.  Then again, everyone is a fan of their show from the sounds of things.

Regardless, Will is worried about directing his first show, a grade school production of The Wizard of Oz, and Oliver assumes his son will be fine and heads off to get some direct threats from a paroled Teddy Dimas.  OK, Oliver didn’t ask for that, but that is what happened.

Now, if Charles is happy to see Lucy…well, he is, but he also knows her mother just got married, and he feels weird about that.  Plus, Lucy seemed to show up unannounced.  Also, she uses a lot of slang Charles doesn’t know.  Mabel doesn’t know it either.  But the big thing here is not only do the three find what looks like the murder weapon in Charles’s knife block, but Lucy has another revelation:  there are tunnels hidden all throughout the building, allowing anyone with knowledge of such things to sneak around the building, spy on everyone, and generally hide places most people don’t know exist.

Case in point, Oliver sees a heartbroken Teddy arguing with his deaf son Theo.  That’s enough to make him decide to go help out Will anyway.

Likewise, spying on new top suspect Nina shows some plans to modernize the building, and Lucy recommends they just confront her head on.  That actually doesn’t work as she goes into labor and Charles has to play doctor since he once played that sort of doctor on a short-lived TV show.

Wait, he did things besides Brazzos?

As it is, Nina’s request between labor pains is for the three to find Bunny’s killer, so it probably isn’t her.

Also, Lucy clearly ran away from home, and she knows more than she let on.

Like, she was in the building the night of the murder, and she did see the killer ever so briefly…

This sort of thing is getting complicated.  But yes, parents and children.  Lucy is having problems with her mom, saying Charles was the best of the five guys her mom dated, but she has to go home.  Teddy feels like he ruined his son’s life.  Oliver realizes he needs to be there for his own son.

And Charles decided he needed to talk to Jan.

I suppose one killer could help find another.  And if she can’t, it’ll probably still be funny.