April 24, 2024

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Doctor Who “Time Lord Victorious: Mutually Assured Destruction”

The Eighth Doctor goes all John McClane on some Daleks.

I was tempted to point out that the plot to this final part of the audio Time Lord Victorious trilogy sounds like the Doctor is doing the Die Hard plot without the essential Christmas element.  And then, at the end of the CD, when the people involved come in to comment on what they did, the writer said she basically did just that intentionally.

So, this is Die Hard Doctor Who.

Perhaps because there are a lot of different angles to the whole Time Lord Victorious stuff, whatever happened with the Eighth Doctor at the dawn of time with the Daleks is something of a mystery I might have to go looking somewhere else to find out.  Or I don’t.  It may not matter.  This is just another fun story.

See, as expected, the Daleks do eventually decide to exterminate the Doctor, and the Doctor is no fool, so he basically figured that out already.  Using a heat shield left over from the first part where he took on the dreaded Brian the Ood, the Doctor is basically invisible to the Daleks’ onboard censors.  True, they have the TARDIS under guard, but this is the Doctor.  Even the Daleks have to know this is at best a temporary situation.

And indeed it is, as the Doctor is running around the ship and basically making the Daleks look foolish as he, well, not so much takes them out one-by-one but more like does things that seem to end with the Daleks taking each other out.  My personal favorite is when he gets a Dalek Scientist in a lab and shuts off the gravity.  The Doctor can just float around, but every time the Dalek tries to shoot him, the Dalek not only misses but he goes flying across the room because of basic Newtonian physics.  The Doctor even jumps on top of him at one point, and the best part of the whole thing is the Doctor is having the time of his life from the sounds of it.

Heck, the Doctor even takes a moment to rescue two captives from the hold, the last people of their kind because the Daleks also got that species destroyer machine from Part 2.  Granted, one of them ended up getting himself killed because he was bred to fight and the Daleks broke him with good old fashioned torture, but the Doctor does manage to save the other.

Mostly it just takes tricking the Dalek Strategist and the Dalek Commander to try and exterminate each other, something that isn’t hard to do since they’re both Daleks with over-inflated senses of self.  The Strategist is a faster shot, but that just means the other Daleks will take him out for the crime of mutiny or something.

Daleks are so stupid sometimes, even the smart ones.  That Strategist honestly believed the Doctor believed all those lies he was told.  It’s like they think that just because a Dalek sounds a little different and uses a more advanced vocabulary, they think the Doctor will forget that Daleks are bred to hate every other life form in the universe.  At worst, the Doctor seems mildly disappointed.

Instead, they just get themselves blown up as the Doctor escapes in the TARDIS.

What a bunch of maroons.