March 24, 2023

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Doctor Who “Time Lord Victorious: The Enemy Of My Enemy”

The Doctor goes to work with the Daleks to find out who or what has been mucking with the time stream. Right after a side trip to the planet Wrax.

Well, the Daleks captured the Doctor.  That probably can’t be good.

But it may not be immediately fatal.  The Doctor isn’t exterminated on sight, despite the Dalek Executioner’s preferences, and there’s a battered Dalek Strategist there.  Now, all the Daleks are voiced by the same guy, but there are differences.  The Strategist, for one, sounds very oily and treacherous as opposed to all other Daleks who sound blunt and treacherous. That mostly means the Strategist is least inclined to shout.

But the thing is, the Daleks need the Doctor’s help.  The Doctor being the Doctor does manage to trick them into saying what they are (a time unit), and they too noticed that something is changing the time stream.  Case in point:  the planet Wrax should be a desolate rock in space.  Instead, it has an atmosphere and a whole civilization.  That warrants an investigation.

I said about the previous “Time Lord Victorious” Big Finish production that the story worked just fine as a standalone.  That’s true here too as the story is mostly interested in the mystery of the Wraxians.  They shouldn’t exist, and while they seem open and friendly even to a formal Dalek alliance (something the Doctor thinks they should be wary of), they also have a large library dedicated to their conquests and a large dome that is not a telescope.

Nah, it’s a weapon.  The Wraxians are almost as bad as the Daleks when it comes to dealing with other species.  The biggest difference is their weapon will, with a single sample, devolve an entire species down to single cell organisms if the Wraxians decide the race in question needs to start over.  That all comes down from their sacred texts, and thanks to the Daleks, they now have a Dalek sample.  Oh, and also a bit of Time Lord.

However, this is still the Doctor, and he does manage to use words to try and calm things down.  The Wraxians may be good at taking out whole species, but it turns out Daleks are much, much better at close quarter fighting, and it takes the Doctor to sit all the people down to talk it out or else the weapon will go off and destroy the Daleks, the Wraxians, and the Time Lords.  By then, the Strategist has managed to save the Doctor’s life a couple times and maybe engenders some trust (methinks the Doctor knows better since the Strategist is still a Dalek), but as soon as the Doctor leaves to prep the TARDIS for the group’s actual mission, the Daleks go down and exterminate the Wraxians anyway.

What dicks.

As it is, the Doctor says the problem with the time stream will require both the TARDIS and the Dalek time ship to check out since it appears to have happened well before the laws of physics were successfully written.  So, the third part should maybe fix that.

Or not.  This whole Time Lord Victorious thing isn’t limited to this trilogy.

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