February 27, 2024

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Only Murders In The Building “The Last Day Of Bunny Folger”

Season Two, Episode Three.

One of the many things that Only Murders in the Building did very well was to actually do episodes that feature different characters so the audience could see the world through their eyes.  The nearly silent episode where the deaf Theo Dimas and even eventually showed the victim’s POV are good examples of that.

This time, the series opts to do the same for the current victim, Bunny Folger.

Why wouldn’t the show go there?  Bunny appeared in earlier episodes, mostly as a grumpy old woman who enforced the rules, having a special distaste for Oliver from the looks of things, and generally being the sort of person who drains joy from the room despite a rather, let’s say, whimsical name.  Now that she’s dead and Charles has even stopped to think, due to his father’s extramarital activities, that Bunny might have been his half-sister for all he knew, it may be time to actually take a step back and see what Bunny’s last day was like from her point of view.

I won’t speculate how the podcasters figured all this stuff out.

Regardless, the episode also makes it clear that the parrot does not know who killed Bunny because that sort of humor doesn’t really fit into a show like this.  The parrot, instead, was just quoting Bunny figuring out who committed a murder on a TV show or something.

Instead, well, Bunny’s life was kinda sad.  She didn’t have many friends and was looking forward to not only stepping down as the Arconia’s board president in favor of the obviously pregnant Nina Lin, a woman who is in many ways just a somewhat more extreme version of Bunny, someone Bunny had been mentoring to take over anyway.  She commiserates with the other miserable old woman in the Arconia (and they do seem to be friendly), has lunch at her favorite diner where she gave her regular waiter a very big tip, and was rather annoyed by the podcasters, whether it was Oliver being his usual gladhanding self or Charles having a panic attack when the elevator he is sharing with Bunny and Mabel breaks down.

It’s somehow enough to make Bunny basically decide she doesn’t want to leave either her position as Board President or New York City.  Yeah, she planned to go to Florida, but she realized she doesn’t like the heat.

And then she reached out to the podcasters, offering a bottle of real champaign while they are celebrating their successful first season.  Somehow, possibly because it’s Bunny and she’s never been even remotely friendly before, the three aren’t sure if she’s giving them a gift or hoping for an invitation to come in.  They initially react as if the former, realize it’s the latter when they hear Bunny’s loud sobs, but by the time they go to invite her in, she’s gone.

And for that reason, the three think they are a little responsible for Bunny’s death.  That is the sort of thing I expect from Only Murders in the Building.

Of course, Nina is now the top suspect.  She and Bunny did have a big argument when Bunny changed her mind about leaving at what was meant to be Bunny’s last meeting as Board President…