June 15, 2024

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Locke & Key “Free Bird”

Season Three, Episode Six.

Well, Dodge wasn’t very helpful in the end.  What about other former adversaries?

What, did I think Bode was going to stay a ghost forever?

This is where things ramp up a bit.  There are only two episodes left, so why not do something really weird before everything wraps up.  Ellie and Lucas manage to pick up the Lockes and drive off while Gideon sends his one minion off to find them because he’s still missing one key.

Well, at least one key.  There may be more.  Who knows?

All I know is Gideon can’t open a portal to his world much bigger than an area rug, and that won’t be enough to merge two universes.  I mean, Jimmy and I tried that one time, and all we did was merge one small island off the coast of Nova Scotia.

That’s where I check to see if anyone actually reads these.

What works here is the fact that Bode needs a body.  Bode is on the ghost side, and the only ally he has is Sam, AKA the guy who murdered Bode’s father while under Dodge’s influence.  Meanwhile, Tyler and Kinsey come up with their own separate plan.  Apparently, Bode (and Sam) can get small birds to follow basic instructions, so Bode can get a new body if Tyler and Kinsey use the Animal Key to let Bode…take over a bird’s body?  Does that kill the bird?

Meanwhile, the older siblings decide to try and trick either Gideon or his toady through the Ghost Door so Bode can take over the abandoned body.

Oddly enough, both plans work.  Sort of.  Ellie and Nina’s efforts to help somewhat work, and Gideon drops all the keys, but rather trying to grab as many as possible, Kinsey only gets the Animal Key, and Bode’s plan works.  Threatening to toss Rufus into the portal is enough for Ellie to admit that she and her group once stashed a key inside a classmate’s head.

Wait, what?

Ooooooooo-kay.  This show is generally delightful in its lighthearted, supernatural horror way even when there’s a body count, but every so often, it does something like this or toss Eden’s corpse off a cliff in lieu of telling her parents and getting her a proper funeral or something.  I get this show is probably aimed at younger viewers, but still.  Even if I saw this lost classmate before, I am guessing he or she hasn’t done a whole lot, and he’s had a key inside of him the entire time?

Eh, it may not matter.  Gideon takes Ellie to find the guy and has his minion lock everyone else in a cupboard.  Only Sam took over the minion guy’s body to let everyone out.

Somehow, I don’t think they’ll be glad to see him.