December 2, 2023

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Doctor Who “Time Lord Victorious: Defender Of The Daleks”

The Tenth Doctor, in an alternate timeline, finds himself in a position where he needs to protect the Daleks.

So, I had planned to cover this trade back when I did all those Ninth Doctor trades way back when.  This one looked like a Tenth Doctor story.  Sure, it had the Ninth and Eighth Doctor on the cover, but it had the Tenth in the center.  Then I opened the book and on the first page, it said the Doctors involved were the Tenth and the Thirteenth.  I hadn’t gotten to the Thirteenth yet and set the book aside for a while.  Apparently, it’s part of a big multi-media story about the Time War or some such, and I do have three Big Finish Eighth Doctor stories with that heading to get to.

But yeah, talk about misleading advertising with that cover.  The story likewise does not include Rose Tyler or any Ood whatsoever.

As it is, it is mostly still a Tenth Doctor story.  The Thirteenth doesn’t pop up until the end to help him escape the Daleks, and that’s about it.  The Eighth gets a one panel reference in regards to the larger storyline, but that’s a different story.

However, the story here actually for the most part worked.  The Tenth Doctor finds himself in an alternate timeline.  He has no idea how he got there, and neither does the TARDIS.  But everywhere he lands, the Daleks are waiting for him.  They also aren’t trying to kill him, something he eventually figures out.  It seems the Dalek Emperor is calling on the Doctor for help.  Apparently, there’s a threat out there that’s bigger than the Daleks themselves, and it’s threatening them.

That would be the Hond, an ancient, mythical race that wants to wipe out all life in the universe, including themselves.  The Daleks want to wipe only non-Dalek life, so that’s a problem.  Also, the Hond are coming to the Dalek homeworld of Skarro.  The Doctor probably wouldn’t mind if someone wiped out the Daleks for him, but the Hond sound too dangerous beyond that.  For that reason alone, he’ll help the Daleks.

He does this also knowing full well what Daleks are like.  Even the strategist Dalek, oldest of their kind in the worn out battle armor full of holes, is still just a Dalek.  When the Hond show up on Skarro, the Daleks try to shoot them.  That doesn’t work.  The Hond are made of some sort of primordial ooze.  They just reform and scream about how much pain they’re in.  That ends up being the Doctor’s cue to talk his way into the area where the Daleks keep the weapons even they think are too extreme, and from there, the Doctor helps the Hond and manages to escape the Daleks with help of a future incarnation that seems to recognize him but not the other way around.

The key this time is the Doctor essentially realizes the Hond are beings that feel nothing but pain, and as such, they assume all living beings have the same problem.  They see the extermination of all life as a favor.  The Daleks just hate everybody else.  The Doctor’s way to defeat the Hond is to more or less give them what they want and help them, I dunno, commit assisted suicide or something.

That’s certainly different, but the Hond do thank him.

Daleks are always another story.

Man, I better see about those Time Lord Victorious stories.  Probably soon.  I do have a few other Big Finish stories.  I tend to like those.

Then again, The Simpsons is also back next week…