February 26, 2024

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Better Call Saul “Switch”

Season Two, Episode One

Alright, here I am back with the next season of Better Call Saul, and I can see there’s stuff afoot with Jimmy and Mike, some of which I have some thoughts on and some I will have thoughts on later, and..

…hey, is that Ed Begley Jr?

First off, more stuff involving Mike and the guy who may or may not be Pryce (he is not).  About all I got out of that so far is Mike is really good at what he does, a total professional, and Daniel Wormald is not.  Oh, and he loves his baseball cards.  But that’s clearly set-up for later.  I was having fun with the plot and all, but it did seem to me that I would have more to say about Jimmy and Kim.

For starters, if there was any ambiguity about what their relationship was, it’s gone now.  They’re, well, close.  Like, sleeping together close.  Like not quite sharing a toothbrush close.  Like Jimmy will explain what he’s doing and why and Kim will listen close.

Oh, it seems the mystery I was wondering about, whether or not it will ever be clear why Jimmy does what he does, was answered in rather short order.  He was trying to please Chuck, and when that clearly became impossible, he decided to do what he always did and live for himself.  It’s rather clear that Kim didn’t know about Jimmy’s con man past, but he goes on to demonstrate it on an obnoxious stockbroker, conning a lot of money out of the guy.

Oh, and Kim helps.  She has no experience with it, but she jumps right in and plays along.  Heck, she improvises well herself, and the two succeed at getting a lot of fine food and booze out of a guy who thinks the two are siblings looking to invest a large inheritance.

Which leads me to think that Kim might be very much a willing partner in all of Jimmy’s schemes in the future.  She enjoyed the cons.  I can’t say Chuck would have that sort of fun.  I don’t even think Mike would have that sort of fun.  But with Marco dead, Jimmy needs someone in his life like this.  This is also a facet I didn’t necessarily see coming from the Kim character, but it’s a welcome development.  Too many TV antiheroes have disapproving wives and girlfriends that it’s become something of a cliche.  Seeing one that, despite being new to the idea of the con, is all into it is a nice touch.

Especially since Jimmy’s conscience or something seems to kick in and he ends up taking the job at the big firm, one where he can get whatever he wants, and even a light switch marked “do not turn off” doesn’t seem to do anything when he does. Basically, if I thought Saul Goodman was born at the end of season one, I may have been a bit premature, but even getting catered this way doesn’t seem to suit Jimmy judging by his face and body language.

This is a man who will never be happy being 100% respectable.