September 30, 2022

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Noteworthy Issues: Excalibur #2 (November, 2019)

Betsy Braddock is the new Captain Britain, and there's magical problems facing the mutant community.

Huh.  I guess this series didn’t make as much of an impression on me.  You’d think a bunch of mutants falling into a magical world would have garnered more of my attention.

Issue:  Excalibur #2,  November 2019

Writer:  Tini Howard

Artist:  Marcus To

The Plot:  Betsy Braddock and her team head off to a magical island to try and revive Rogue.

Commentary:  One of the basic ideas behind the current status quo on all things mutant at Marvel is all mutants are residents and citizens of Krakoa regardless of what side of the law they were on before.  Longtime enemies of the X-Men are now allies and even hold important and high-ranking positions in Krakoa’s government, most notably Apocalypse.

That doesn’t for a moment mean the rank and file of Krakoa trust the guy.  He has a long history that predates almost if not every mutant on the planet, and just because he’s interested in magic now and treated as a trusted ally by the likes of Xavier and Magneto doesn’t mean that others will just allow him to tag along or trust him in general.  That seems to be the theme here.  Apocalypse’s experimentation with magic caused, among other things, Rogue to fall into a magical coma, and Betsy Braddock might have the key to fixing her since she’s the new Captain Britain seeing as how her brother Brian is under the control of Morgan LeFey.

Neither Brian nor Morgan appear in this issue.

Instead, it seems as if Betsy’s group–basically Gambit and Jubilee–are with her to find a way to wake Rogue, and none of them trust Apocalypse.  Heck, Jubilee has nightmares about the guy doing things with her human infant son Shogo.

Something does seem to happen to that child in the final pages here from the looks of things anyway, and Apocalypse may not be responsible.

Or is he?  The general thrust so far here is he’s a very old mutant.  He has a long history of doing the sorts of things he’s always done, testing to see if the strongest survive long before anyone had ever heard of Charles Darwin.  It doesn’t help that even though Betsy and the others left him behind, he still insists on “helping”.  Granted, how much what he does is actually helping remains to be seen.  He’s not exactly the most comforting of figures, and he isn’t trying to be.  His goals could be very self-serving.  Heck, they probably are.  The big problem is no one trusts him no matter how much he’s trying to help.

So, even if he is helping…no one would want his help anyway.  And quite frankly, as a reader, I can’t blame them.  Morgan started the war with Krakoa (if that’s what it is) out of anger over Krakoa’s portal plants appearing in her realm.  But Apocalypse with his experimentation and feelings about non-mutants in general, something tells me he’ll make things a lot worse before they get better.

Grade:  B-

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