October 7, 2022

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Doctor Who “Time Out Of Mind” (Comic TPB)

The Doctor goes on a mission that may have something to do with Santa Claus.

As I type this, I have access to seven more episodes of Doctor Who, the final series for Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor and one of the three specials she made.  The second aired but isn’t on HBO Max, and the third, the one that probably will feature the regeneration and the first appearance of the Fourteenth Doctor, hasn’t aired yet.  Now, I do have a rough idea what I am going to replace Doctor Who with because, well, I suspected this day would eventually come.  I’ve delayed as long as I could, and quite frankly, I’m surprised I’d lasted this long.

But I do still have a couple comic trades and Big Finish audios I can go through in the meantime, like this one for the Thirteenth Doctor, titled Time out of Mind.

Honestly, there isn’t much here.  It’s basically one story from a Free Comic Book Day special issue and then a Christmas story.  And unlike the holiday specials I have seen for this Doctor on TV, there isn’t some huge body count on display here.  Heck, there aren’t even any Daleks.

Instead, well, there’s a trip to an alien amusement park (Ryan likes those places), one where Graham gets sucked away in a rigged game and the Doctor, using skills taught to her by Babe Ruth and the sonic screwdriver, manages to save him.  Then back on the TARDIS, only the Doctor remembers those events.  Graham remembers Ryan as the one in danger.  Ryan remembers Yaz needing an antidote of some kind.  And Yaz remembers the Doctor was forced into a gladiatorial combat after doing too well ringing a bell with a hammer.  Oh, and the TARDIS itself was sabotaged, so there’s no record for where they actually went.

One trip back to the planet, and they find a village of tiny aliens who do remember the foursome, but once information is filled in again, it turns out other aliens kidnap some of these short aliens to go off somewhere and never return.

Basically, a man who looks like Santa is kidnapping the short aliens to be his elves, guarded by what look like wooden soldiers in robot form.  A very elf-looking guy named Baxter shows up, in part because much of the humor here involves these beings on other worlds having names like “Jeff” and “Mr. Henderson”.

But then it turns out that Santa is really the Krumpas, he’s trying to steal energy from children regardless of whether or not they’d been naughty or nice, and the Doctor foils them, leading the soldiers to freedom and everyone gets to have a nice Christmas dinner prepared by the Doctor.

So…it was a kid’s story, basically.

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