October 7, 2022

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Noteworthy Issues: New Mutants #3 (December, 2019)

Armor goes looking for mutants who didn't make the journey to Krakoa.

Huh.  I hadn’t gotten to this series in a while, where the original New Mutants (and a few hangers-on) went into space to bring missing members Cannonball back to Krakoa.  It was fun and was played a lot less seriously than a lot of the other Reign of X stuff.

So, naturally, the third issue is dealing with someone else.

Issue:  New Mutants #3, December 2021

Writer:  Ed Brisson

Artist:  F Flaviano

The Plot:  The mutant called Armor decides to go find some of the mutants who, for one reason or another, opted not to make the trip to Krakoa.

Commentary:  OK, so maybe the series went off in a different direction before the original New Mutants could come back from Shi’ar space, but it was actually an entertaining different direction.  It also posits that New Mutants is a series that f’ollows younger mutants around on their own adventures.  I’m personally only vaguely familiar with Armor.  I know what her powerset is–generating a psionic armor to protect herself from harm–and that’s about it.  So, setting her up as someone who basically wants to know why some mutants didn’t make the trip to Krakoa is fine enough.  Is it in her general personality?  I don’t know, but she’s as good a candidate to go looking at anybody.

That’s what she decides to do, and the first mutant she wants to look up is Beak, along with his wife Angel and their kids.  Why wouldn’t Beak go to Krakoa?  For that matter, since he’s Dutch, why did he and his parents move to Nebraska?  To the issue’s credit, it does acknowledge that oddity, and while Nebraska may be an odd place to put Beak and Angel, I think the fact that it’s in the middle of nowhere is the general idea.  Beak and the kids can’t really pass for normal humans, so keeping them far from most everybody makes a certain amount of sense.

However, about half of the issue is just Armor beginning her investigation, recruiting a couple allies, figuring out why Beak never showed.  The second half, where she more or less solves Beak’s problem for him works.

Of course, there’s a complication in a couple humans with power-negating missiles show up to take the whole crew hostage.  There’s a reason Wolverine usually goes first on these things apparently.

Anyway, the issue took some mutants that, so far, had not done much for the most part, and explored some of the repercussions of the establishment of Krakoa both good and bad.  Some humans, like Beak’s parents, are supportive.  Others, like the biker-looking dudes with the missiles, not so much.

Maybe I should get back to this series faster next time.

Grade:  B+

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