October 7, 2022

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Noteworthy Issues: The Amazing Spider-Man #56 (January, 2021)

The Last Remains story is over now. I think.

Ok, so, why wasn’t this issue the final part of “Last Remains”.  The cover refers to it as a “Post Mortem,” but it sure read like the last chapter to me.

Issue:  The Amazing Spider-Man #56, January 2021

Writer:  Nick Spencer

Artist:  Mark Bagley

The Plot:  Well, I think that’s the end of that.  I’m not sure.

Commentary:  I said of the previous issue, advertised as the final issue to the “Last Remains” story, that it didn’t feel like a final issue.  It had unresolved plot elements and a whole host of other issues that, quite frankly, frustrated the hell out of me.  It didn’t help that Kindred is a pretty lame villain, but the issue in question ended with a series of explosions that seemed to bury Spider-Man and his Spider-Friends as Norman Osborn was evil again and Mary Jane might have been seriously injured if not outright killed.  If I thought for a moment that MJ really was killed off, I might have said something else, but I know she’s still in the current series where she and Peter have broken up again or something for some secret reason that may or may not have been revealed just yet.

I am a bit behind on all things Amazing Spider-Man.

However, this issue here revealed, well, a whole lot.  Sin-Eater’s death did cause all the “fixed” villains he had stolen powers and the desire to hurt people to completely recover…except for Norman who was faking it as the evil Green Goblin the whole time in that last issue, and he and MJ had basically arranged ahead of time for her to play dead long enough for him to keep Kindred distracted and maybe save everybody’s lives before Mayor Fisk blew the cave to bits with all the heroes (plus MJ) inside.  As such, everyone lived.

That includes Kindred who is being held in some sort of suspended animation as Norman tries to reach out to his resurrected son.

Now, most of this issue is told from Norman’s perspective, explaining all the things that happened at the end of the previous issue–which, remember, was the last part of the storyline–were really something else.  So, why is this issue labeled as some kind of epilogue and not, well, something else?  Like, I dunno, the actual last part?  Would showing MJ faked her injury with her tremendous acting skills really have been a bad thing to show in, you know, the issue actually labeled as the last part?

Then again, something tells me there’s more to Kindred, and he’s still kinda lame.

But I am seriously considering stopping my Amazing Spider-Man reading right here for now.

Grade:  C+

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