April 19, 2024

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Locke & Key “Deep Cover”

Season Three, Episode Four.

Wow.  Look, I realize that the characters here may not be aware that body swapping or anything like that is a thing, but is it really that hard to see there’s something really wrong with Bode?

See, Bode isn’t Bode.  Bode was kicked out of his body and was replaced by Dodge.  Much of this episode, when it isn’t focused on Tyler-drama as his boss/potential love interest came all the way from Montana to check on him, showed Bode being an asshole.

Not in the little kid sort of way where he throws temper tantrums or thinks he knows better than adults he knows, no nothing like that.  He’s basically mouthing off in more sarcastic ways, dropping profanity, being very rude in ways that make him seem more like a surly teenager than a small child.  He’s got the Dodge body stashed in his room, and he’s looking for the keys.

Yes, he still wants the keys.  So does Gideon.  At least here, at the halfway point for the final season, I know why.  Gideon can use his sorta-dead goons to swipe keys, and the more he gains, the more he can use them to merge the human world with that weird demon realm he calls home.  Also, Gideon apparently can order Bode/Dodge around.  That seems ominous.

So, instead, Bode spends the episode trying to find the keys, and no one thinks he’s acting a little funny until the end when Nina finds the Dodge body under Bode’s bed.  Because of course Nina would find it.  We can’t expect Tyler or Kinsey to find it.  They’re the experienced one when it comes to key stuff.  Sure, Tyler doesn’t remember at the start of the episode, but he does by the end because there were enough clues and stuff happened that he demanded to know what he forgot and Kinsey used the Remember Stuff Key.  No, they couldn’t find Bode’s secret.  It had to be Nina who has known about key stuff for something like a week and a half.

Huh, I seem to be awfully hostile to the Nina character.

But how bad was it?  Rufus noticed.  Rufus, who hasn’t even been by for a visit in ages.  Rufus, who then can’t beat up a small child.

Wait, that sounded bad.

I mean, the child did have demonic strength.

Eh, it may not matter.  Bode’s secret was revealed…sort of.

You know, I did like the whole “Bode’s not Bode” thing, but the characters here are far too trusting.