February 8, 2023

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Weekend Trek “A Time To Stand”

Gul Dukat occupies the station for the Dominion while Sisko goes on a dangerous mission to sabotage them.

Season six of Deep Space Nine apparently opened with a six part storyline that covered the Cardassian/Dominion occupation of the title station…only “occupation” may be the wrong word.  Weyoun, crafty bastard that he is, points out that it’s not an occupation if the Bajorans just gave the station to the Dominion since the two have a non-aggression pact, and I am one for proper semantics…

Jake could stand to learn a thing or two about that.

However, this being the first episode of the season, it does help to more or less establish the status quo before going too much further.  The station is currently under Dominion control, something that isn’t sitting too well with the likes of Kira and Odo.  Quark isn’t really happy about it either, but he is quick to point out that, as much as the Jem’Hadar just sit in his bar and don’t, like, spend anything, the Dominion does provide some level of order, and it could be a whole lot worse.  Dukat, Kira believes, just wants to start enacting revenge against everyone who wronged him, and as long as Weyoun is there to keep an eye on things, he can only do so much to the Bajorans.

If anything, the Kira plot is the most straightforward.  She’s furious to have to deal with Dukat in any capacity, and her hands are largely tied in many ways.  Dukat, experienced with Bajor as he is, believes the imminent return of Bajorans to the station is probably a cause for trouble, and he absolutely will not let Odo bring back his armed Bajoran security personnel.  Weyoun will because he’s in owe of even an outcast Founder like Odo, but the point stands.

And these are the characters who arguably are having an easier time of it.  The real problems are for the Federation and Klingon forces fighting the Dominion three months into the war, and it is really not going well.  Looks like a large portion of that fleet has been decimated, and the Defiant has spent a lot of time fleeing.  The only real joys Sisko seems to have left are those brief moments where Martok shows up so Sisko can watch Worf and Dax do some wedding planning, even if Worf’s generally taciturn manner doesn’t really change much.  Instead, it’s mostly bad times for Ben Sisko, including having to finally tell his father where Jake is.

Look, Joseph Sisko, I get that you’re a caring family patriarch and all that, and I do love your character, but what exactly do you think Ben has been trying to do except find a way to win the war and then get Jake back?

Instead, since things are getting desperate, Sisko gets a new task:  take the ship he recovered from the Gamma Quadrant into Cardassian space and destroy a Ketracel White factory.  Without it, the Jem”Hadar probably won’t last very long.  To do this, Sisko gets a skeleton crew that is basically himself, Dax, Garek, O’Brien, Nog, Bashir, and maybe a couple other guys.

By the by, I am enjoying how O’Brien is calmly explaining to Nog for most of this episode how war can be.  He’s been there.  Nog hasn’t.  It’s a nice touch.  O’Brien has nothing to complain about because he knows it doesn’t do anyone any good and just takes it in stride.  Nog is young and still very much a Ferengi.

Oh, and beyond that crew, there isn’t much else.  Bashir could only bring a handful of medical supplies as there’s no sickbay on this ship.  There’s no replicator, so they had to bring their own food.  The ship doesn’t even have any chairs.

Oh, and no one told the rest of the Starfleet what they were doing and they had to dodge a Federation ship captained by a friend of Sisko’s.

As it is, they are successful in their mission (barely) at the cost of their own warp drive.  It will take them 17 years or so to get back.

Eh, the station gets rescued in the next five.  I think they’ll be OK.

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