January 28, 2023

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Doctor Who “Spyfall Part 2”

The Doctor has to stop the Master without her TARDIS and when he has a century's head start.

A quick note:  the Master has been both a woman and a person of color before the Doctor has.

So, the Master might be ahead of the Doctor for that alone.  The rest?  Nah!  That guy can’t win!

I said I’d say something about Sacha Dhawan’s Master when I got to see more of him, and after the more delicate take with Michelle Gomez’s playing at possible reform before she actually died doing something heroic, this new Master is back to the somewhat insane mustache-twirler that fit, say, John Simm.  He’s not the more calculating Master of the classic era, and there’s nothing subtle about the way he dresses up as a Nazi or how he runs around, screaming and shrinking a bunch of folks in a 19th century science exhibition.

And it seemed especially wrong that he made the first female Doctor to go down on her knees and call him “Master” a couple times.

But see, the Doctor is still the Doctor, and she may not be a man anymore, but she does know how to do a few things.  That weird place she went to was the other-dimensional home of the space spies the Kasaavins.  There, she finds a 19th century woman that turns out to be Ida Lovelace, the first person to really come up with the computer, and from there, the Doctor tries to get back to the present in time to save her friends.  She apparently did with the help of a pre-recorded message on how to land a plane without a cockpit.  Ryan, Graham, and Yaz do a lot of running around, trying to outsmart the tech billionaire guy who zapped his own mother with whatever he’s up to, something the Master may or may not be helping with.

As it is, the Doctor goes to Paris in 1943 with Ida and teams up with her and British intelligence agent Noor Inayat Khan to stop the Master and save the day.

Yes, both those women were actual historic figures.

Anyway, with a brilliant radio operator and an early computer scientist, it just means the Doctor needs to distract the Master long enough for them to frame him as an English spy and not a loyal Nazi.

Dude, you deserve what you get when you work with Nazis.

From there, the Doctor swipes the Master’s TARDIS, goes to the present with her two new friends, and saves the day while the Master has to take the long way back to the present by living out a few decades.

Serves him right.

Oh, but since the Doctor had a working TARDIS, she actually stopped the tech guy from turning the entire human race into digital storage for the Kasaavins a full year before he tried without anyone noticing, and since tech tends to record stuff, the Doctor also got the Master’s bragging that he was going to “take care of” the Kasaavins later once they did what he wanted them to do.  So, he was his usual bozo self.

Until it comes out that he wiped out Gallifrey because of some lie he found out about something called the Timeless Child.  That got namedropped before, and the Doctor can vaguely remember it.  That said…Gallifrey is dead and gone again?  Um, why?  They just got back, and it wasn’t like the Doctor liked going there all that much.

Well, the episode ends with the Doctor explaining her origins, and if nothing else, Graham turns out to be really good at taking out baddies with laser shoes, Ryan ruins good plans by telling bad guys what they are before they finish, and Yaz, well, she has a good head on her shoulders.

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