December 1, 2022

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The Umbrella Academy “Seven Bells”

Season Three, Episode Nine.

So, here is my Not Surprised reaction…

OK, I may not have been overly surprised, but I can say I was still largely pleased.  There was a partial explanation given for the Hotel.  Sir Reginald found a portal to another reality and built his hotel around it with a special door going through the White Buffalo Suite to the other Hotel.  Sure, he’s still hiding something, but if you don’t think he’s hiding something…why are you just tuning in to this series now?  It’s on Netflix.  It’s not like you caught a random episode while flipping channels.  There’s nothing here about Sir Reginald that wasn’t on display in the preceding 28 episodes, even the ones he didn’t appear in.  He’s a crafty, authoritative manipulator, and even as he plays the “I’m not the same man as your father was” card with the Umbrella Academy siblings he talks to here, c’mon.  He can’t be trusted.

Case in point, this episode opens to remind the viewer he left Luther on the moon for over a year where the guy was filing daily reports no one ever read.  Granted, there’s a clue at the end of the cold open to suggest why he did that, but he still did that.  That ain’t cool.

So, yeah, it was not the least bit surprising that A) Allison is working with him and B) he was totally being sneaky, authoritative, and manipulative.

See, he does have a way to save the universe if he can just get his children, both Umbrellas and surviving Sparrows (and Lila) to just go along with him to fight off the Guardians in the Hotel Oblivion to get to the Seven Bells that will reset the universe.  Five won’t because his future self said not to.  Luther figures his father is being manipulative.  Sloane supports Luther.  Viktor seems to be just tired of it all.  Diego says no possibly because Lila said yes.  Ben does what his daddy wants, Klaus is basically trying to coach his dad into being a better man with incredibly limited success, and Allison…see above.

Since they were voting on whether to try his plan or not, well, that means he lost the vote.

Now, his more open manipulation failing, Sir Reginald does have another plan as the universe is hours away from ending:  he murders Luther after a seemingly heartfelt apology.

Man, that blood spray looked fake, but it did look enough like the weapons the Guardian used to convince most of the others, none of whom were there at the time, to think they need to get those things for Luther’s sake.

Dude, murdering Luther is very high on the “that’s not cool” list.

I mean, it was just his wedding day.  True, Sir Reggie says weddings can bring people together, but then he said that funerals do too.

Don’t trust this dink, remaining Hargreeves.

Oh wait, there’s something even lower on the “that’s no cool” list:  murder Klaus.  You know, the one who had been trying to help him the entire time?

OK, in this case, it was more like he left Klaus behind to cease to exist as the universe ends, but that does mean Klaus has just enough time to murder himself so he can come back from the afterlife and maybe stop that dink and his awful plans.

So yeah, I am on to you Sir Reggie!  Just like Five figured out Allison was the one he was dealmaking with because…c’mon, she was the only one missing from the wedding reception at that point!  I even doubt her apologies to Luther and Viktor were sincere after all that.

Man, the universe is ending again, and still the biggest problem is Sir Reggie is an a-hole.

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