April 24, 2024

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Locke & Key “Wedding Crashers”

Season Three, Episode Two.

It hits me that a lot of the shows I have been covering of late have featured weddings.  I saw one in The Umbrella Academy, another one on Gotham, and there’s almost one over on Star Trek: The Next Generation.  I’m sure it’s just dumb coincidence, but if one somehow pops up on Better Call Saul, I might have to consider if the universe is telling me something.

But if I spot one in the season finale for The Boys, that will be really unexpected.

However, there is a wedding on Locke & Key, one for Uncle Duncan and his boyfriend, and that means Tyler is home and, sure enough, he does not remember the keys anymore.  But then there’s some fun as Bode finds one that fits the grandfather clock, allowing him to travel back in time and spend a few minutes with a distant ancestor who made the original keys (those people are very understanding of a strange little boy in odd clothes just appearing in their house after a few seconds’ explanation), and then later he can go back with his pal Jamie to see Uncle Duncan when he was barely a teenager, but the pair just misses Bode’s father.

Interestingly, Duncan has no memory of the encounter and starts to explain how the time travel works before he is cut off by wedding stuff.

Still, it isn’t Keyhouse without weirdoes looking for keys.  Captain Gideon realized he couldn’t count on demons since they have restrictions on swiping keys, but he’s also still a dead British army officer, so he can summon up the ghosts of two of his old underlings and use them instead.  That leads to lots of crazy stuff in Keyhouse particularly since Tyler is there, and since he had a few drinks, he can kinda remember the keys.  But at the same time, when Kinsey pressed him about getting the memories back on a more permanent basis, he starts to remember Jackie and how she died and quickly says no.

So, Gideon has the Anywhere Key, and he has some minions who can swipe keys without any trouble.  Tyler is in the house, and he’s opting to stick around because while he doesn’t remember the keys, he does remember two guys breaking in and trying rob the place.  I’m not sure what Gideon wants with the keys just yet aside from knowing they are magic and wanting them because he’s evil, and I am not sure how much the two ghosts know or understand about what’s happening aside from the fact that they learned they’re dead and can’t feel pain anymore.  Dodge at least had a plan of some sort.  But Gideon is just learning about the keys, so…who knows?

I hope this final season, with it’s shortened episode run, isn’t just some tacked on thing when all is said and done.  The season is two episodes shorter, the episodes themselves seem shorter…just a feeling so far.