December 1, 2022

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The Boys “Here Comes A Candle To Light You To Bed”

Season Three, Episode Seven

So…Black Noir is a lot more messed up than I thought he was.

Now, to be clear, I think it’s been pretty obvious for a while now that this Black Noir is very different from the version in the comics.  That’s good.  Like many of the changes made from the source material, I think it actually works well and makes for a richer experience.  This season has revealed a lot about Black Noir, and he’s…complicated.  Of the original members of the Seven, he’s probably had the least said about him so far, but at the same time, now that a lot of it is out there, he’s a really messed up guy.

Granted, that describes pretty much everyone on this show.  I mean, Kimiko was the closest there was to someone who was actually happy, and she asked for another dose of V to get her powers back because someone needs to protect Frenchie, and unlike Hughie, Frenchie is comfortable enough in his masculinity letting the woman he loves protect him.  Kimiko seems to get that V is as evil as the person who has it.  She’s a pretty good person.  So is Annie.  Homelander?  He’s a mess, and in case you still hadn’t caught on to the political allegory, in this episode, Homelander basically accuses Annie of child trafficking without much proof at a rally that was ostensibly for someone else.

By the by, while Kimiko wants her powers back, Maeve (being held prisoner so Homelander can eventually breed with her) would like nothing more than to lose hers.

Anyhoo, this Noir was, like the rest of Payback, tired of being held back and abused by Soldier Boy, so they all jumped him one day, and that was why Noir is as badly injured as he is, possibly including some brain damage.  And all this was explained by cartoon animals at an abandoned Chuck E Cheese sort of restaurant to Noir since those are his imaginary friends and he doesn’t remember those sorts of incidents quite so well.

Noir is messed up.

That said, this episode does demonstrate the importance of fighting smarter.  Maeve can see Homelander is actually worried.  Annie, caught in Seven HQ, can livestream a confession from Homelander to her own social media followers because, again, his weakness is his popularity.  That and he’s kinda stupid about these sorts of things but would never admit it.

Meanwhile, Hughie’s best efforts to be smart are showing him just how in over his head and poorly planned his current mission is.  Soldier Boy…well, he has PTSD, smokes pot by the garbage bag, has a murderous rage for everybody he thinks crossed him, and never really fought a Nazi in his life.  If anything, his actual moments taking a stand against what he saw as evil always had him on the wrong side of history.  So, when Hughie’s efforts to save Butcher and possibly save the life of paranoid recluse Mindstorm fail miserably because, sure, Butcher is OK, but Soldier Boy still knocks off Mindstorm, all while learning more about why Vought let Payback take Soldier Boy out in the first place, then maybe it’s time to try apologizing or something.

See, funny thing, Vought was growing a replacement for Soldier Boy, one based off Soldier Boy’s DNA, a child of Solider Boy if you will, one that could fly.

So yeah, Soldier Boy gives his son Homelander a call, and it wasn’t a friendly one.

Now, if only Annie can get through to Hughie and tell him what Butcher is learning the hard way:  that too many doses of that temp V will kill you.  That only requires Butcher to tell Hughie…

Butcher doesn’t really do that sort of thing, but that just means Hughie will be even more confused as to why he had to save Butcher’s life this episode.

One more episode for the season, so I guess I’ll see how that turns out.

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