December 2, 2022

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Noteworthy Issues: The Amazing Spider-Man #23 (April, 1965)

The Green Goblin has a plan to consolidate organized crime.

Issues like this one show me that the Green Goblin was maybe not so fleshed out as he would become, seeing as how he seems to be just some petty jerk criminal and not a superrich businessman.  I mean, why else would he be trying to consolidate organized crime to his own will?

Issue:  The Amazing Spider-Man #23, April 1965

Writer:  Stan Lee

Artist:  Steve Ditko

The Plot:  The Green Goblin is looking to take control of the underworld, a plan where the biggest obstacle is Spider-Man!

Commentary:  So, the idea that the Goblin is looking to take over all these criminal gangs made up of all kinds of gangsters in suits seems kinda laughable to me personally, but what do I know?  The Goblin is a new character on the scene, so why would some mob boss I will almost certainly never see again just hand over control of his entire gang to some weirdo on a glider?  Do most people even know what the Goblin can do?  He’s never been arrested and always manages to escape from Spider-Man, and he’ll escape again before this issue is over.

However, Spidey still manages to foil the plan by not even trying all that hard.  Apparently, the Goblin’s attempts to take over his first gang involve some activities in public that make him look like he’s reformed and trying to bring the gangs down as a more heroic deed.  That’s not really the case, and Spidey doesn’t quite believe that, but he will be more than happy to follow the Goblin and see what happened.  Instead, the Goblin first tricks Spider-Man into following him back to the gangster’s hideout where Spidey gets into a fight with the entire gang, people he wasn’t really looking for, and then when he might have a chance to bring down the Goblin, he finds he is out of web fluid and the Goblin flies away…only to discover Spider-Man’s efforts got the whole gang arrested, so now there’s no chance to take the group over.

Yes, Spider-Man saved the day entirely by accident.

If anything, I suppose I can comment on the two women in Peter Parker’s life.  Betty Brant is getting letters from Ned Leeds in Europe, and Peter figures Betty needs to tell him that.  She doesn’t, making Peter a little jealous, but at the same time…it’s none of your business, Peter.  Stuff like that hasn’t aged well, and still, the age difference between Betty and Peter makes me uncomfortable anyway.

But then there’s Aunt May.  She’s upset because Peter sometimes stays out late (as Spider-Man) and doesn’t call and tell Aunt May when he’s going to be out past curfew.  So, naturally, Peter calls her in the middle of the gang fight when he finds a few minutes alone with a telephone, something that makes Aunt May very happy to hear.  It really doesn’t take much to make that old lady happy.  If only she wasn’t so quick to just agree with that old media mogul J Jonah Jameson on certain things, and it just now struck me I might have described what a lot of people say about older Fox News viewers.

You know what?  I am moving on now.

Grade:  A-

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