February 24, 2024

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The Umbrella Academy “Wedding At The End Of The World”

Season Three, Episode Eight.

So, am I supposed to not know who Sir Reginald was plotting with at the end of the episode?  Because it seems pretty obvious who that is.

Basically, the world is ending (again), and this time, the grand Umbrella plan is to do…nothing.  Five was told by a future self to let the world end.  Nothing that they have done has worked.  Everything that they have done in the past keeps setting up an apocalypse.  Besides, I am not sure there is anyone left with the sort of superpowers needed to stop a Kugelblitz.  Giant asteroids and nuclear weapons?  Sure.  A phenomena in space-time that sends off weird ripples that destroy things?  Not so much.

So, really, the Umbrellas and Sloane decide to just have a wedding at the Hotel Obsidian.  They’ve got maybe three days left.  Might as well enjoy them.

And that’s where this episode goes:  what do you do when the world is ending and most of the people left are family?  Ben is still clinging to being Number One with the Sparrows, but at this point, he and Sloane are the only ones left and she doesn’t care anymore.  Heck, by episode’s end, he and Klaus have bonded.

As for the others, there’s karaoke, good food, and Klaus’s efforts to soften Sir Reginald seem to work long enough for him to give a nice wedding speech and make nice when he meets Lila, Diego’s for-certain love interest.

However, Sir Reginald had a plan to save the world.  The problem is no one seems to care.  They’ve given up, and his hectoring isn’t working.  But it turns out he owns and built the hotel.  He knows about the Hotel Oblivion on the other side of the secret passageway.  He even had the defenses tested long before anything else happened.  The show has established that Hargeeves is about as trustworthy as a rabid mongoose, but will he just give up that easily?  Probably not, so as dunkenly Five stumbles upstairs, he sees Reginald making a deal with an unseen person.

Dude, it’s Allison.

It has to be Allison.  The only other option is the hotel manager, and that doesn’t make any sense.  Allison was irritable the entire time at the wedding.  Viktor, the best man, tried to make amends at Luthor’s request, and she refused and left.  She was the only one not present when the various Hargreeves were getting drunk and having fun.  Yeah, Luthor says he had the wedding he always wanted in the end, and Sloane realized that the Umbrellas were an actual family while the Sparrows weren’t, and even Ben might have come over, but that doesn’t change the fact that Allison is still being awful, she wasn’t there, and with the world ending and the hotel nearly deserted, it had to be her.

Since I am still not 100% sure that Viktor did anything wrong in regards to Harlan, Allison has a lot of explaining to do.  Yeah, she lost her husband and daughter, but that doesn’t seem to be a good excuse for freezing out the others and being generally miserable when Luthor is at his happiest.  Angry with Viktor?  I can get that.  Angry at Luthor?  What did he do wrong?  Move on from what those two had?  Good for him.  Sloane isn’t likely to rumor him into her bed.  Allison needs something, and somehow, I doubt working with her father is going to provide that.